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Friday, March 10, 2006

Drumroll...... The Project Is Finished!!

At flippin' last :o) *Exhales* Well, it got to the end of the week and it was obvious we would never finish the darn thing, so we manically did as much as possible today and then I added a page at the back detailing what we would have done had we had more time, lol. It was either that or carry it on into next week which neither of us really wanted to do. It will be a relief to take some of the gazillions of Medieval books back to the library tomorrow :o)

Anyway, the finishing touches today were:
-A page about St. Joan of Arc.
-List and drawings of castle's defences and methods of attack.
-Redoing the monarchy timeline as it was too cramped on one page (it now spans four pages!)
-A few pages about heraldry/shields/coats-of-arms.
-A couple more pages about The Plague (complete with pictures of flea/rat/human infection cycle, lol.)

Romy's really proud of what she's done and so am I. She's tried really hard and done lots of writing in this one. No doubt she'll be showing it around at my Mum's on Sunday :o)

Lovely surprise for Roo in the post this morning; the next book from that Pony Carousel series sent by Nikki and Emily. Emily also included a lovely letter. Wish I got nice post like that :o)


Blogger Nikki said...

Yay!! Well done, Romy, on finishing your medieval project. It sounds really interesting, you must be very proud of all your hard work. Can't wait to see it next time we come round! Lots of love, Nikki & Emily xx

4:26 AM  

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