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Sunday, March 05, 2006

I think we bought a broken guinea pig...

...He has diarrhoea again. Not to mention a gammy eye and the temper of Medusa with PMT. He's a biter, which anyone who knows piggies will tell you is highly unusual. How can something so cute be so vicious? Ho-hum.

Forgot to say that on the way to Lincoln the other day we were treated to a full display by the Red Arrows. It was fantastic! They must have been practicing for the upcoming show season. How Colin managed to keep his eyes on the road I don't know.

The other day I found a book I'd written in from being pregnant with Romy right up until she was 5. I read some of it out to her in bed and it was lovely. She really enjoyed listening about the things she'd done as a toddler and I was almost in tears (sometimes of laughter) when reading about the things she'd said. I knew she was a clever kid at the time but reading back now I can hardly believe a two-year-old could say some of the things she did. For example, once she was being daft and Colin must've looked at her funny so she said "Hmm, I bet you're thinking 'Oh what a weird person', aren't you?" Other things she said were typically hilarious two-year-old-isms, like "Where can I put this pencil skin?" when sharpening a pencil, and "What shall I do with these naked videos?" when helping me tidy up and coming across some videos without cases. She seems so grown up now.

On Weds Emily and Nikki came round for the afternoon. We also looked after my friend's 17-month-old son for a while. He was a pleasure to have but really opened my eyes to how un-baby proof my house is ;o) He was very fond of the piggies though. Poor Willow was almost squeezed to death!! Nikki very kindly gave Romy this book. It is very much in the same vein as the Rainbow Fairy books. This one is about a girl who goes on a pony carousel and is transported back to Medieval times. You can imagine how well that went down with Roo, lol. Needless to say it was read that same evening! Talking of the Rainbow Fairies books, we got the new World Book Day one for free with the voucher from Tesco's 'Hannah the Happy Ever After Fairy'. That was read straight away too ;o)

The other day I taught Romy the alphabet in Sign Language. We practiced saying "My name is..." Can't remember much else from when I did level one. I told Roo that we'd be able to send secret messages to each other now, lol.

Romy's been watching a few schools programmes lately. They're surprisingly educational, rofl. We watched one the other day about Tudor life and Roo was pleased to learn that Queen Elizabeth I was home educated :o)

I finally sat down and worked out what else we need to do on our Medieval project, so this week is set aside to FINISH it. There. I've written it down now. Got to do it, there are witnesses! Romy did a lovely picture that spanned four sheets of A4 (that will have to be folded up to fit in said project) of a Medieval market. It's complete with dancing monkey and sword swallower!

Yesterday Romy had the Worst Taekwondo Lesson Ever. The owners have gone away on (yet another) holiday (paid for by us) and left The Morons in charge. I was incensed to hear this bloke telling all the kids to give advertisement cards out to all their friends and even strangers in the street and if any of them joined the kid would be given £10. Can you friggin' believe it??? Bribery. Talking to strangers. I'm speechless. Sometimes I wish Romy didn't love that place so much. I'd love to start looking for somewhere else for her to train but she's made loads of friends there and won't hear about leaving.

Anyway, We've had a nice weekend with Tilly. Spoilt her rotten with cuddles again :o) Went to my Mum's for Sunday dinner and Romy had a great time playing with her two cousins. Now we're Tilly-less again for the week and ready for some hard work (she says.)


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