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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Lauren Child.

Our absolute favourite modern children's authour/illustrator today. We couldn't get them exactly the same as hers as she uses fabric and other stuff to make her pictures more like collages. I think she uses a computer to do all that. We just settled for pencil crayons, lol. Romy's is of Clarice Bean looking cross at her neighbour Robert Granger because he's stolen the school guinea pig, and mine is from Charlie and Lola (I am not tired and I will not go to bed.)

After the drawings Romy looked up Lauren Child on Google and printed some stuff off to put in her project. Then she did 50 spellings of high frequency words. 35 of them she had no trouble with and we'll do the other 15 again tomorrow until she gets them off to a tee :0)

Had a very odd experience this afternoon; my sister Jenny rang my new mobile on video phone. How freaky!!! Romy was in hysterics. As well as being able to see the person you're talking to you can see yourself in a little box at the bottom. Romy kept shoving things in front of the camera for Jenny to see. It's a bit weird though 'cos you just keep thinking "ooh, look at me, I look awful" instead of concentrating on the conversation. No nose picking then, lol.

Looking forward to breakfast in bed (after a lie-in!!!) on Sunday for Mother's Day. *Hint*


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