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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Marvellous Magnesium!

All this time I've been searching for things to cut out of my diet to stop the cardiac arrhythmia I've suffered from EVERY DAY since August when what I really needed to do was ADD something: Magnesium!! So simple, yet I'd never have known about it unless I'd joined a Yahoo! support group for people with PVC's (premature ventricular contractions.) People on there suggested Co-enzyme Q10, so I bought some of that. Then I read that magnesium could help, so I started taking that and...wham! The arrhythmia disappeared the first day I took it. Touch wood, it's been five or six days now and I'm really excited :o) Keep your fingers crossed for me.

This morning Roo and I went for a walk accross the field to Pets at Home to get the piggies some food. They kept shouting at us whenever we moved because they hate the different food we'd bought them last time, lol. We had a good old sing-song on the way (didn't care if people thought we were mad!) Even the cheerful singing couldn't detract from the state of the field we had to cross. I kid you not when I say it was like a bloody land-fill site :o( Old computers, prams, baby walkers, broken glass, plastic bottles, umbrellas, etc, etc, ad nauseam. Yuck! On the way back Roo had a nice play in the park and I even had a swing and a go on the see-saw with her. Tee hee.

When we got home Romy did a balloon rocket science experiment. She gathered the stuff together and set it up herself. She was in stitches as the balloon shot along the string (it was attatched by a straw and sellotape) so of course had to repeat it several times until I dragged her away to do some maths (place values and odds and evens) Boring Mummy ;o) We also squeezed in a bit more writing practice before we did today's illustrator for the art project.

Today's Illustrator was Nick Butterworth of Percy the Park-keeper fame. Romy used to absolutely love those books when she was younger (and I loved reading them!) Here's Romy's little rabbit jumping into some grass followed by my picture of Percy and friends falling from the sky along with bits of his grass cutter/flying machine. (Paper's a bit wrinkled from the water colours.)
We were sooooo proud of Romy tonight at Taekwondo. She had her first Masters lesson and did ever so well. It's a much smaller class, so she was getting lots of one-to-one tuition, (well, we're paying enough, lol.) She also got her second tip on her belt tonight. Graduation at the end of next month!


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