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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mick Inkpen.

Wonder if that's his real name? Lol. Here's Romy's lovely picture from Kipper. I think it's her best yet :o)

And here's mine:

After researching 'The Inkpen' on t'internet Romy spent an hour or so on a great CD-ROM that Emily lent us yesterday. It's a Wizaer of Oz one. There were plenty of problems to solve along the way collecting gemstones. Romy really enjoyed it. She did the bronze level, so is going to do the silver and gold ones before we give it back. She's watching Art Attack at the moment, which is always dangerous when we have to go straight out when Colin gets in ;o) "Oh but can I just make this sponge sculpture/papier mache hippo/other mad project before we go."

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at Nikki and Emily's. The girls put on an unfeaeeeeasibly loooong play for us and then polished most of Nikki's Myth and Magic figurines. They obviously thought it was really exciting, lol. Afterwards Romy went to her last ever Rainbows meeting. She got a lovely goodbye card and this patch to sew on her Brownies sash:

Last night my next-door neighbour came round and asked if Romy wanted this basketball hoop. Her daughter has grown out of it and she was going to put it in the skip!! Amazing what some people throw away. Mind you I seem to be a veritable magnet for people getting rid of stuff, hence the clutterd-ness of my house, lol.


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