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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

New Art Project!

We got a great idea for a new project today. Last night Romy and I were reading some Mr. Men and Little Miss books in bed and I suggested we had a go at drawing some of the pictures tomorrow (today) so that's what we've been doing this afternoon. Then I started wondering about Roger Hargreaves as I really used to love his books when I was a kid. I remember my Mum reading us Mr. Men books every night before we went to sleep. Anyway, we decided that it would be good to do an art project and concentrate on a different illustrator/artist each day. We're going to draw one or two of their pictures and learn about them. Romy's going to put all hers in a folder with clear pockets to display it all. It should look great when it's done. One of Romy's efforts is above, along with one of mine. It was great fun (I love using felt tips, lol.) And we learnt a lot too. I didn't realise he was only 53 when he died in 1988 :o(

This morning we spent a while looking at the Brownies website. Romy got a letter last night at Rainbows to say she'll only be going twice more before starting at Brownies. I was surprised because she isn't seven yet. Thankfully she'll be moving up with two other girls (one of which is Abigail, a very good friend of hers) so she won''t be making the change on her own. She's been very excited today thinking about it, but she's also a bit nervous I think. It's the closest she'll ever feel to changing schools I suppose ;o) And we all know how nerve wracking that can be! We've been looking at the uniform on eBay and on the Brownies site. There seems to be masses of the stuff! You don't need it all, but still, I can see we're going to have to think about re-mortgaging, lol. *Thinks* Hmmm... It's Romy's birthday coming up! Relatives can help out then :o)


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