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Friday, March 24, 2006

Richard Scarry.

'Absolutely bonkers illustrator from my childhood' Richard Scarry today. Romy did the front cover from Lowly Worm's Story Book: And I did the front cover from The Best Baby-sitter Ever:
Romy then researched him on t'internet and printed a page out about him to put in her project. We listened to lots of music whilst we drew and then Romy did the 15 spellings she had trouble with from yesterday. She got nine of them right this time, so we did the six again and so on until they were all right.

Roo did a bit of self-directed work this morning. She made laminated fact cards about each of the guinea pigs. She used her books to look up what type of piggy each is (apparently Willow is a Non-Self Crested Sheltie - try saying that without your teeth in!) Here's a scan of what she did. Note Scrappy's favourite hobby; biting people, rofl!

There was no swimming lesson tonight. We got there and the leisure centre was closed. Apparently there had been an electrical fire :o( Romy's having a swim in the bath instead :o) Busy day tomorrow. Well busy weekend really. Will blog it on Sunday hopefully.

Just seen vegan Simpsons Easter egg on Lucy's blog. Missed that one at Tesco's today, but I did see two or three others. Makes a nice change to have a choice for Romy (and an alternative to Evil Nestle's After Eights!)

Ooh, just nicked this idea from Lucy's blog too. A blog word cloud. Here's ours:


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