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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sabre-toothed Guinea Pig.

Last night I noticed that poor Toby was looking a bit thin so we weighed him. He used to be 1kg and he'd gone down to 875g. I looked at his teeth and sure enough, they'd become really overgrown (and I mean really overgrown!!) The poor thing was starving as he couldn't eat. First thing this morning I rang the vet and explained things to the nurse who gave us an appt for 12. We duly trundled along expecting to leave the poor boy there for an operation... Er no. The stupid vet said we'd have to bring him in tomorrow for the op as the woman who does it wasn't in today. Blimey! Why didn't they just say that when I explained to the sodding nurse on the phone??? This way they got the consultation fee from us for today and we'll have to pay for the op tomorrow too. On the way home we had to buy some baby food for the poor piggy so that he can at least eat something tonight. My Step-Dad Robert gave us a lift in his work's van, so Romy at least got some excitement out of the unecessary journey, lol.
If you don't want to see inside a guinea pig's mouth look away now ;o)


Todays illustrator for the art project was Sally Hunter (of Humphrey's Corner fame.) This is a personal favourite of mine and I've copied a few of her drawings before. Below is Romy's drawing of Humphrey holding a teddy and mine of Lottie (Humphrey's big sister.)

Romy learnt a lot about shading, different pencil textures and art materials. We compared and contrasted these pictures with yesterdays' bold and bright Mr. Men ones we did. These were supposed to be done in pencil and water colours but we used pencil and pencil crayon instead. We looked up Sally Hunter on t'internet and found this fabulous site. We spent a while looking at all the gorgeous stuff on there. We also tried to find a photo of Roger Hargreaves for yesterday's section but had no luck :o(

I finally received payment for some buttons I had listed on eBay so I've been using the money to bid on some Brownie stuff for Roo (I know. I couldn't resist though. She's sooo excited!)

This evening we decided to give Taekwondo a miss and go out for a rare treat. We settled on a game of bowling (only one, it was soooo expensive!!) Afterwards we went to Pizza Hut for a vegan pizza and salad. Romy was getting her salad bowl and I turned my back for a second only to find her with both hands digging in the lettuce!!! There was no set of tongs so she'd decided to use her hands ;o) The woman was really good about it and just took it off to throw it away and get some more, but I was slightly embarassed (though not as much as Romy was herself.)

Anyway, here's Romy enjoying herself bowling...


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