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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Green Belt Goddess!

We were up bright and early for Roo and Colin's graduation this morning. Actually I got up at 6.30 as I couldn't sleep. I took the opportunity to re-watch last night's episode of Green Wing as there was a rather excellent twist to the Caroline/Mac storyline (not to mention a squeee-inducing snog!)

Anyhoo, Colin got his Yellow Belt today and Roo got her green. My Mum and Robert came to cheer them on with me :o) Here are a few pics:

Romy getting her certificate and wearing her new belt.
Sparring with a friend.
Kali stick-ing!
About to begin her XMA performance.

Then it was quickly home for a snack and a change of clothes before they went off to the museum Archaeology Club. Today it was making Bronze Age beakers from clay. Lots of worksheets brought home too. I nipped round town while they were there and bought a load of stuff for Roo's party (plates, napkins, sweets, etc.) Here's Roo with her finished article. It's a lot more detailed than it looks on the pic.

I bought Roo a 'well done' bunch of flowers in town which she was well chuffed with. I don't know what sort they are but they're lovely.

This evening Roo and I have been sorting out party bags, which was a lot more work than it sounds. My back is killing me today. I'll be glad of my bed tonight!

Better go and write our review for Education Otherwise. We were sent an Usborne book this time "Fairy things to stitch and sew." It's lovely. I always seem to leave it until the last minute to do my review though :o(

Friday, April 28, 2006

Party preparations...

Today has been another that's been largely spent preparing for Roo's birthday. I'm feeling a lot more confident about stuff being finished in time now. Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon trying in vain to make a Yellow Brick Road. I'd beeen really chuffed to find a roll of yellow wallpaper in the garage and got out the black paint and off we went. Boo, hiss! When it dried it just cracked off :o( So I tried going over it with PVA glue. When that dried it peeled off :o[ By now it was looking a right mess. Then I had a brain wave; masking tape! Here's the result. I'm quite pleased with it :o)
We've also made some 'Over the Rainbow' name badges for everyone:
And here's my laughable attempt at the Tin man's torso for 'pin the heart on the tin man.'

We've a few other things up our sleeves too that aren't finished yet. That's enough for one day though.

Still on the theme of Oz, we got the soundtrack in the post today. I got it off eBay for a coupla quid for the party. We listened to it this afternoon. Roo does a mean scarecrow dance/mime to "If I only had a brain." Bless :o)

Apart from all the party stuff (which is after all art and craft) Roo did a bit of English this afternoon - filling in the missing words in a story. She did that while I was cutting out all the laminated rainbow badges!

This evening Roo went to her swimming lesson and had a little play with her friend Holly. She's had her bath/hair wash ready for her big day tomorrow. It's her Green Belt Graduation! Better get sorted :o)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Pony Princess :o)

Phew! We're absolutely shattered as we've only just come back from Normanby Park where Romy and Colin had rides on our friend's horses. We were there for three hours and ended up getting locked in as the park shut at 8 o'clock ;o) Romy and her new friend R had their TKD lesson and then we all went off to see the horses. First of all we went to get the horses and then Roo helped to brush Alfie down. We then had a not so happy moment when he decided to tread on Roo's foot in return!

After they'd been saddled up U and her daughter M rode the horses down to the riding school. They burnt off some of their energy while Romy played with R. R is an almost-nine-year-old boy but he and Roo got on like a house on fire. When Alfie had calmed down a bit Roo got to have a ride around the park. It was lovely as everyone had gone home by then so we had the place to ourselves. Colin got to ride U's horse; Sally which he was well chuffed about.
M helping Roo onto Alfie.
Doesn't she look as pleased as punch?
Colin and Roo with U and M.

Not a care in the world :o)

As soon as we got in the car Roo said "when can we come again?" Rofl. I was shattered as I'd walked miles but she was raring to go again :o)

Other stuff we've done today: Mainly party preparations. We listened to music as we made lots of surprise decorations for the party. Every available surface, including the kitchen worktop is covered with painted things drying! Roo made some lovely Sizzix people with TKD suits and belts on. We had our lunch outside in the sunshine, went round to see a neighbour and wrote a list of stuff to buy for the party. Roo has decided to invite yet another friend. This has to be the last one as there are 23 kids coming now! There was also a very long pretend game of pet fairies involving poor Tilly being walked around the house on her lead. Bless her, she's a very co-operative and patient dog.

Off to rest me' bones!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Outdoorsy day.

This morning we re-potted more plants; spider plants this time. Lots of fun doing that. Then we came in briefly to do a bit of work. Romy read several books to herself and did some worksheets on words with rhyming long vowels. We then painted a Felicity Wishes picture each for Roo's illustrator's project. Here's Roo's followed by mine:

Took us ages to Google the illustrator - Emma Thomson - without getting info about the actress with the same (but differently spelled) name!

We went back out then for a long walk. We walked accross the field to look round the pet shop. Found an interesting ad in there for a rabbit and guinea pig show. Romy has set her heart on entering Willow into the children's pet class ;o) Think he'll need a few baths and brushes before then!

On the way home we played in two parks. Well, Roo played. I sat and watched her, thinking how wonderful she is and how blessed I am to have her.

Last night we read more Calvin and Hobbes, which caused a bit too much late night giggling! Mind you, I'm glad because before we read that we'd looked at a few more pages of the Book of the 20th Century and Roo was a bit worried/upset about wars. We'd read about WWI and she started worrying about more wars happening now. Poor thing. Not the best bedtime reading material then!

I've just come back from week four of my Indian Head Massage course, in liquid form (it's sooo relaxing.) I've become friends with a lovely woman there who has her own business as a beauty/massage therapist. She gave me her price list tonight for reference for when I start my own business. She said if I want anything doing though she'll do it for free. Not bad eh? Obviously I reciprocated with offers of Reiki. We always pair up to do the IHM practical so I've got to know her quite well.

Romy and Colin went to Normanby park whilst I was there. Here are a couple of piccies of Roo. Apparently she can really bomb around on those in-liners now :o) After practicing on her bike and whizzing around on her skates she played with a boy she met there the same time last week.

Off out again now to take Tilly for (yet another) walk. Got itchy feet!

My brain may have fallen out eh?

You Are 76% Open Minded

You are so open minded that your brain may have fallen out!
Well, not really. But you may be confused on where you stand.
You don't have a judgemental bone in your body, and you're very accepting.
You enjoy the best of every life philosophy, even if you sometimes contradict yourself.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Woohoo, the day Romy has been waiting for for weeks has finally arrived! Brownies Day :o) Here she is looking fabulous in her uniform:
And doing a little impromptu pre-brownies exercise to burn off some of that excitement :o)
I've just been to pick her up and she was buzzing. Apparently there are three groups; Foxes, Hedgehogs and Squirrels. Romy is a fox :o) Her two friends who also started today have been put in the hedgehogs but Roo doesn't mind as she's already made friends with the girls in her group. That's my girl!

Today we studied Nick Sharratt's illustrative style. Easy peasy pictures, but I'm not very pleased with the result 'cos the felt-tips we have are crap :o( Yes' I know all bad artists blame their materials, lol. Romy's pic is from a book called Mrs. Pirate and mine from Pants (of course.)

Romy then printed out a page about him to put in her project and also drew a lovely picture of me as the Goddess of Wildlife. I was really touched :o) What a beautiful way to see me. (Couldn't very well see me as a Domestic Goddess, surrounded by all this junk, rofl.)

This morning we spent a lovely couple of hours in the garden re-potting a gazillion Aloe Veras. We found a lady in Brigg who was giving away as many plant pots as we could carry on Freecycle. So we picked a load up yesterday after TKD (and went green with envy at how huuuuuuge her house was.) We used two massive bags of compost today and we still have a spider plant with about 50 babies on it to sort out! We have nowhere to put them so we'll have to car boot them I think. Yell if anyone wants any. Couldn't get the photo I wanted of Roo up to her elbows in compost because the batteries had run out in the camera. Got some more though so here's Roo later next to about a third of the plants we did:

Yesterday we did loads of 'school' work, including four pages of spelling workbook, ordering numbers, filling in missing numbers, symmetry (drawing in lines of, and finishing drawings to make them symmetrical.) We had a fascinating look through a book about the 20th century. We read all the interesting bits from 1900 to 1910. We'll definitely carry on with that as Roo was really into it. Romy also read me two chapters of Ruby the Red Fairy (two more chapters today too.) She made a magic wand, printed out a Wizard of Oz party banner, went to TKD and iced some lovely vegan chocolate people biscuits that Colin found at Asda. They were sickly I tell you. Think she went a bit OTT with the icing, lol.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

To those who lurketh...

Yes, I'm talking to you! Why not take a second to register and leave a comment saying hello? You might just make my day :o) I've recently been surprised and pleased to have a couple of people tell me they read this blog every day. These were not people I knew were reading so it got me wondering just how many people read this on any given day. I just write it really for posterity; for Roo to look back on, but it's nice to know that people other than my Mum and a couple of others might be interested in what we've been up to.

Which leads me nicely onto our weekend, which has been very enjoyable indeed. 'Official Panic Day' came and went on Saturday without so much as a tremble, never mind a breakdown. I always did leave my homework till the night before ;o) We have however made some headway today with party organising. We sorted out the stuff we got from the scrapstore yesterday and the stuff we'd already collected for party bags. We have a HUGE pile of girls stuff and a weeny boys one. Oh dear. What do boys like? Colin suggested marbles and polystyrene aeroplanes, until I suggested that he must be living in 1975, rofl. Good job he's not in charge of that dept then. We decided on some last minute invitees today so had to cobble together a couple more invitations out of bits. One only had Dorothy and Toto on as we didn't have any other characters made and I couldn't face another marathon session. Looks like everyone we invited is coming. It's going to be a lovely mish-mash of ages, from one to 13! Just like a home ed event then ;o)

Yesterday after XMA we nipped into town to the scrapstore. We were a bit disappointed with it. It seems to have gone downhill. The stuff has decreased in quality and volume and increased in price. Got a few bits though. Next stop was the opticians for Roo. I know there's nothing wrong with her eyesight but we thought it was about time she had a check-up. She had a whale of a time in there, looking at 3D flies and all sorts (?!) The optician said she has perfect vision, in fact better than it should be until she's nine. Don't know what on earth that means. Sounds odd to me. She'll end up wearing glasses as a teenager though. Both Colin and I did. Romy's not bothered. She thinks she looks pretty in glasses and I must say I heartily agree!

When we got home Roo played in the garden for a bit and we tidied up. My Mum and Robert came round to look after Roo for the evening and we went out to a friend's 30th birthday party. It's the first time we've been out without her for years. Romy watched Oz with Nana while we were out and it was nice for us to see old friends. It was supposed to be fancy dress (pop and rock stars) and, quite frankly we made very little effort I'm ashamed to say. We both drew a blank so decided to go as generic rockers (in other words, we went as ourselves, only I had more eyeliner on, lol.)

This afternoon we went for a looong walk with Tilly who found more fox poo to roll in *sigh*. Here are some pics:

Romy re-visiting the scene of last weeks falling-out-of-tree incident. (The tall bit just out of shot.)
A lonely daffodil.
Me rescuing a bumble bee. I almost trod on it so I moved it off the path. I know, I'm a vegan weirdo.
The gatekeeper.
Talking of vegan weirdos. Here's the next generation hugging a tree :o)))
Practicing horse riding.

Ooh, that reminds me. Our friend has offered Roo a ride on her pony this week. She's over the moon. We could never have afforded those lessons. It just goes to show that if you're patient and don't expect everything like, NOW, something usually crops up. Can't wait to see that!

Colin is out for the evening so we're off to do the 'girl's night in' thang. Reading books and demolishing a chocolate bunny. Bliss with my girl :o)

Friday, April 21, 2006

Quentin Blake.

Romy's picture today from "Up With the Birds" by John Yeoman, illustrated by Quentin Blake. Lots of birds with helium balloons in their beaks:

And mine of I don't know what. I found the pic on his website and thought it was lovely. Obviously the original is infinitely better than mine but what the heck! The paper's gone a bit crinkly and the colours have come out differently on the scanner too :o(

We printed out some stuff about Himself for the project and also some about Bill Watterson for yesterday (apparently he is now a recluse and stopped doing Calvin and Hobbes in 1995.)

Talking of Calvin and Hobbes, we read some in bed last night before our Heidi chapter. Roo was really into it even though some of it needed explaining as it's more for adults. I've got enough books to keep us going for a year or two if we read a bit each night!

We've spent ages doing a 250 piece jigsaw today and Romy has made a booklet about each member of the family (including pets) full of interesting facts and drawings. We've also spent a fascinating hour on www.imdb.com looking up films and actors we like. Amazing site!

Off to swimming lesson now, and then home for bath, tea and T.V night :o) We only seem to watch it on Fridays now, but can't miss Green Wing and Will and Grace!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Rain rain go away.

Didn't go out anywhere today because of the wetness of the rain. I know, we should go out and dance naked in it but I'm getting too old and boring for that. (Oh flip, I can't believe I just said that. *Note to self* Next time it rains at least try a little fully-clothed jig in the garden.)

Being boring (but dry) indoors we did another picture for Roo's illustrator project. I remembered the fantastic Calvin and Hobbes books I have upstairs from my teenage years, so whe each did a picture from those. Here's Romy's picture of Calvin walking to the bathroom in the night (yawning) and Hobbes leaping on him :o) Followed by my effort (which I'm not very pleased with.

We watched more Five Star this afternoon, rofl. Roo has been singing Rain or Shine ever since ;o) Will probably put the videos away for another ten or so years now!

Am beginning to mildly panic about Romy's party now. It's just over two weeks away and we have absolutely nothing sorted, apart from the hall being booked. Oh. Dear. I shall Officially Begin to Panic on Saturday as it will be two weeks away then. Just to pre-warn anyone who may come into contact with me on that day.

Other stuff we've been up to today; went to TKD where there was a guest instructor for both Roo's and Colin's class. I sat and had a good old gas to a sparkly new friend of mine. (Hope that's not being too forward of me if you're reading this :op) We watched an episode of A Bit of Fry and Laurie whilst having our tea and then did some v boring tidying up. Romy is currently doing a 'Big Art Attack' on the living-room floor using what seems like everything we own (tidying was big fat waste of time then.) Oh, and I made a half-hearted attempt to look for party game ideas here.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Five Star Maths :o)

Woohoo, we had a good day today. Got loads of maths done and had a Five Star Day (the 80's pop group!)

We started off our day with discussing four cards from this Angel Cards for Children set. We got them at a Mind, Body, Spirit event under strange and wonderful circumstances. Roo and I had been looking at them but couldn't afford to get them so we carried on looking round. About ten minutes later a lady and her daughter came up to us and said she'd bought them for us! I was overwhelmed. I'd never met her before in my life. She earnt some good karma that day ;o) Anyway, the cards prompted some really interesting discussion about being proud to be different (as Roo definitely is) and not following the crowd to try and 'fit in'.

We then ploughed ahead with lots of maths. I printed some really great worksheets off the BBC site and we did the following;
-Following directions on a treasure map.
-Measuring lines to the nearest cm.
-Two pages of fractions.
-Working out the ages of a monkey family, lol. (e.g, I am twice Sam's age, or Grandpa's age added to mine is 100.)
-Used a protractor to measure angles.
-Used a compass to draw circles.
-Drew some cubes on squared paper (Roo turned hers into dice.)
-Answered questions about a Venn diagram.
-Completed a pictogram that represented what birds eat.
-Answered questions on a completed pictogram.
-Measured monkey's tails on cm squared paper.
-Coloured the numbers that appear in the 5 times table in a grid to reveal a clue.

Later I picked some random songs on the computer to play whilst we went on the elliptical trainer. They just happened to be Five Star ones. Now I used to be utterly obsessed with them as a youngster and I still have a daft soft spot for them in a sad reminiscing kind of a way. I was well chuffed then that Romy absolutely loved the songs. Not needing much prompting I proceeded to dig out my old videos (that haven't seen the light of day for years and years) and put one on for her. Roo was transfixed by the dancing and I felt about 13 again. It was fab!! An hour well spent :o) She wants to watch another tomorrow, rofl.

Last night we read some more Heidi. We're at the bit where she's living with Clara and Fraulein Rottenmeier (boo! hiss!) in Frankfurt. The memories of the TV prog are flooding back to me from 1982 ;o) I'd forgotten about the kittens in the bell tower!

This evening I went to my Indian Head Massage course and Colin took Roo to Normanby Park on her skates. They got talking to some friends from TKD there too. I think we're leading them astray with talk of home education :o) Lovely kids.

Yesterday we had a play afternoon with Roo's friend Abigail. She went back to school today so we grabbed a last chance to spend some time with them. We went to two different parks and had a walk across to Pets at Home. I got the usual pestering for more guinea pigs, lol.

Better go, Heidi is calling us!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tee Hee!

You Are Jelly Beans

For you, Easter is all about fun and sweet treats. None of that Jesus dying on a cross stuff!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Party Plans, Pot Plants and Paint pots!

Busy, busy , busy - that's been us this long weekend. Here are just a few of the highlights...

-Ate lots of chocolate. Romy got a surprising number of vegan Easter eggs and chocs, and Colin bought me one too! Yay! Here's just a small selection:
-Sent out all the invitations to Romy's party. Here's one we made earlier ;o) -Took Tilly for a long walk along the Beck (where she rolled in fox poo And Roo fell out of a tree!)
-Sat on a quilt and slid downstairs several times ;o)
-Decorated the conservatory (mainly Colin's doings.) It's looking great but needs finishing. Now have somewhere to put the elliptical trainer, yay! No excuse now though, boo! -Cleaned out fish.
-Cleaned out guinea pigs.
-Finished my penultimate Aromatherapy assignment (at last!)
-Ate lots of chocolate.
-Took Toby to vets and got his teeth snipped off again.
-Found a place that will insure me to start up my Complimentary Therapy business. Wrote some plans and designed some business cards. Read up about tax/N.I etc.
-Did LOADS of sodding ironing. Woohoo... Not.
-Ate lots more chocolate.
-Listened to Romy singing "Somewhere over the rainbow" and "If I only had a brain/ a heart/ the nerve" Bazillions of times! My fault, I printed out the words for her ;o)
-Romy did lots of self-directed work on her Oz project. (Doesn't she know it's the holidays?)
-Ate even more chocolate.
-Went to my Indian Head Massage course.
-Colin took Roo to Normanby Park with her bike whilst I was there.
-Roo and I went there with Emily and Nikki the next day too. Found a spooky-face tree. Took a pic with my phone but it didn't look spooky on the photo :o(
-Went to XMA/TKD.
-Re-potted one of our Aloe-vera's. She'd got about 30 babies in her pot and they were so squashed. We were surprised/chuffed to find she's grown a long shoot with flowers at the top. I'd heard fabled tales of Veras growing flowers but this is the first time it's happened to us, despite being overrun with the flippin' things. We started with one plant. We now have over a hundred in about 18 months!!! And people say rabbits are good breeders! -Ate some more chocolate. *GROAN*
-Went to play with Romy's friend, Abigail.
-Went to Mum's for dinner. Did Indian Head Massage/Reiki on sister as she had v. stiff neck. Hope I helped a bit.
-Played with Sylvanian Families (a re-discovered passion it seems ;o))
-Started reading Heidi. The first chapter was reeeeeally hard going and I thought Roo wouldn't be interested, but by the second chapter she was totally hooked and has a new mini obsession (to add to Oz.) I remembered watching the dodgy dubbed series on T.V as a child in the Eighties. One summer it was on every day of the holidays. I used to watch that and then Fame afterwards :o))) Anyway, I looked on eBay and lo and behold, there it was on DVD! V. cheap too (£2.99) so got it for Roo's birthday.
-Bought Roo Return to Oz from eBay too for her birthday. Don't know if it'll be any good.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Right Royal Invitations!

Ok, you know that you should have started preparing your daughter's birthday party in January when it takes three whole days just to make the invitations. Gah!!! These are something special though I tell you. Painstakingly hand-made. Will put a piccy up when we've given them out.

Anyway, apart from making those (which has been a whole family affair!) we've mostly been doing the following...
-Taekwondo and XMA.
-Buying a Groovy Chick and Simpsons vegan Easter egg for Roo.
-Not going to a dog show we'd planned on because of the rain.
-Going to Mum's on Sunday. Romy playing/arguing with her cousin Lewis.
-Me having a couple of luxury baths whilst watching my new Green Wing DVD with commentary.
-Travelling to Lincoln to give my friend flowers for her birthday.
-Romy has been watching some of the extras on her Oz DVD.
-Romy's done some more of her Oz project today.
-Listened to lots of classical music while we worked.
-Not going to a dusk nature walk for the science club because we completely forgot.
-Romy got her top secret invitation to the first Brownie meeting hand-delivered through the letterbox :o)
-Done some more decorating.

Tomorrow is my gorgeous sister's birthday.... 22 years old. Mine's soon.... I'll be 32. *Sobs into keyboard.*

Thursday, April 06, 2006

City Break.

We had a great time in Nottingham. We got there at lunch time-ish on Tuesday and had a look around. I've only been a few times but my family all come from there and I seem to have an in-born sense of direction there which is rather bizarre as I'm normally crap at knowing where I am and have to rely on Colin. Anyway, after a good look around and a lovely smoothie from a smoothie stall we found the Travelodge (we'd got a £10 deal!) and realised there was no parking as it's bang in the city centre! So we had to use a multi-storey opposite and pay a whopping £13 for 24 hour's parking!! Our room was on the eighth floor so we got a great view of the city, especially lit up in the dark. We unpacked and then headed out to find some tea and ended up at Pizza Hut. We had a lovely meal and then settled in for the night.

On Wednesday morning Romy and Colin headed off to Nottingham Castle for a look around while I had a lazy morning tidying up our stuff and getting ready. There was a big group of school kids being herded around on a trip. They looked at Roo with envy and Colin heard them say "She looks old enough to be at school." Rofl!! Here are a few pic's.

When they returned we headed back to the shops and found a health food shop selling all manner of vegan delights; sosmix rolls, pies, broccoli and 'scheese' filo parcels... YUMMMM!!! We bought a selection and went to The Victoria Centre and sat by a big fish tank to eat them. We also had another Smoothie, this time adding a shot each of vitamins and wheatgrass. Romy wolfed it down! We found some great shops including loads more health food shops, a bead shop and a hippie one where I bought four bracelets. We bought some hemp string and some letter beads from the bead shop and made our own name bracelets :o) We were disappointed to find that the veggie fast food place we visited last time we were there - 'V1' - had disappeared. We were looking forward to that! I was very drawn to this shop but nearly had a fit when I saw the prices!!! You'd have to be very very rich/stupid to buy anything in there!

We had booked for two nights but I only remembered at the last minute that I was supposed to be starting an Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage course on the Weds night so we decided to go home and planned to go to Alton Towers today instead as a treat. However, that was scrapped when we realised that for some kids the Easter holidays have started and it would be packed. We'll wait until after Easter I think ;o) Instead Colin has spent the day stripping wallpaper in the conservatory, I went to the doctor's and we then we went to Normanby Park before heading off to TKD. I was fuming after the doc's appointment. I'd gone saying that I want to come off the beta-blockers because the arrhythmia has 99% stopped because of the Q10 and Magnesium. Stupid doctor said to stop taking them first and see if it comes back as it 'may' be the beta-blockers working. Oh yeah, they did nothing for 2 1/2 months but magically began working the day I started taking the supplements. It couldn't possibly be THOSE working!!! Arrgghhh!!!!! I'm going to go ahead and wean myself off the BB's anyway. Bugger the stupid doctor.

The Indian Head Massage course was brilliant! The tutor asked for a guinea pig and I was right in there!! lol. All I can say is WOW! My shoulders are always so knotted up and painful but she totally relaxed them. We then had a go on each other which was good. I can't wait for next week's session now. I'll be wanting to practice if anyone fancies it?

It's a month today until Roo's birthday! We're going to have a go at making the invitations tomorrow. We've got something reeeeeally special in mind ;o)

Monday, April 03, 2006

Strange weekend.

Don't really know how to describe this weekend. Suffice it to say that I made a massive decision about our family which has huge repercussions for all of us. I don't really feel comfortable writing about it yet but I want to keep up the blog so I'll just say what we've been up to.

On Thursday Romy wanted to watch The Wizard of Oz again. I didn't really want her to as we were supposed to be doing some work (you remember - work!) But then in that twisted way home educated kids have of getting what they want she said "what about if I do a Wizard of Oz project?" Rofl. I considered it for a minute and many educational things flitted through my head so I agreed. She sat and watched the film with a notepad and pencil and took notes throughout the film commenting on the differences between it and the book. Don't know what we'll do with that yet but it felt better than just letting her sit and watch ;o)

After the film we printed out some lovely rainbow print paper and Romy wrote out the lyrics to Somewhere Over the Rainbow on it. We also printed a few pages out with a picture of each character on. Romy then wrote their names, what each was searching for and drew a picture/wrote some more facts about them. This was carried on on Friday. Friday afternoon was spent playing with Emily and getting incredibly filthy in the garden ;o) We had a very panicky moment when we realised that Scrappy was lost. I eventually found him wedged behind the cage. God knows how long he'd been there for but he was absolutely ravenous :o( Romy drew some lovely pictures of the characters from Oz to go in her project and then went to her swimming lesson at 5.30. She fell asleep on the settee in the evening so Colin and I had a long talk and then watched Brokeback Mountain (best film EVER!)

At XMA on Saturday morning Romy and some others had their photo's taken for the new website. We then went into Brigg and to Tesco's. When we got home we had a complete blitz of the conservatory. We cleared out the junk and started stripping wallpaper. It felt reeeeeally good! We need to have a massive car boot sale though :o( Hate doing those. Colin played outside with Roo afterwards.

On Sunday Morning Coling fixed up Romy's bike. It's a really good mountain bike with suspension and everything. She won it in a competition when she was 11 months old, rofl. He took her out and ran along with her down the street. She managed a bit on her own :o) I was feeling reckless and positive after losing almost 6 stone so I asked Colin to get his bike out and I rode it around the block :o)))) I've not been on a bike for about 13 years!!! It felt great. I'll have to get one I think. We went to my Mum's for Sunday dinner and Roo had a great time playing with her two cousins and doing some craft. We then decided to be all spontaneous and go to the seaside (well, ok then Cleethorpes!) Romy took ages spending £2 in 2 pences on the slot machines and managed to win a porcelain baby fairy doll on the 2p 'pusher' machines. It only took her about 20p to get it too. We had a nice walk on the sand (mud!) before it began to rain.

Today we've been reading The Borrowers, Romy has designed a huge movie poster for her Oz project, she finished some other work off and we've been to TKD (Amongst other things.) Tomorrow we're off to Nottingham for a couple of days. Back Thursday.