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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Woohoo, the day Romy has been waiting for for weeks has finally arrived! Brownies Day :o) Here she is looking fabulous in her uniform:
And doing a little impromptu pre-brownies exercise to burn off some of that excitement :o)
I've just been to pick her up and she was buzzing. Apparently there are three groups; Foxes, Hedgehogs and Squirrels. Romy is a fox :o) Her two friends who also started today have been put in the hedgehogs but Roo doesn't mind as she's already made friends with the girls in her group. That's my girl!

Today we studied Nick Sharratt's illustrative style. Easy peasy pictures, but I'm not very pleased with the result 'cos the felt-tips we have are crap :o( Yes' I know all bad artists blame their materials, lol. Romy's pic is from a book called Mrs. Pirate and mine from Pants (of course.)

Romy then printed out a page about him to put in her project and also drew a lovely picture of me as the Goddess of Wildlife. I was really touched :o) What a beautiful way to see me. (Couldn't very well see me as a Domestic Goddess, surrounded by all this junk, rofl.)

This morning we spent a lovely couple of hours in the garden re-potting a gazillion Aloe Veras. We found a lady in Brigg who was giving away as many plant pots as we could carry on Freecycle. So we picked a load up yesterday after TKD (and went green with envy at how huuuuuuge her house was.) We used two massive bags of compost today and we still have a spider plant with about 50 babies on it to sort out! We have nowhere to put them so we'll have to car boot them I think. Yell if anyone wants any. Couldn't get the photo I wanted of Roo up to her elbows in compost because the batteries had run out in the camera. Got some more though so here's Roo later next to about a third of the plants we did:

Yesterday we did loads of 'school' work, including four pages of spelling workbook, ordering numbers, filling in missing numbers, symmetry (drawing in lines of, and finishing drawings to make them symmetrical.) We had a fascinating look through a book about the 20th century. We read all the interesting bits from 1900 to 1910. We'll definitely carry on with that as Roo was really into it. Romy also read me two chapters of Ruby the Red Fairy (two more chapters today too.) She made a magic wand, printed out a Wizard of Oz party banner, went to TKD and iced some lovely vegan chocolate people biscuits that Colin found at Asda. They were sickly I tell you. Think she went a bit OTT with the icing, lol.


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