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Thursday, April 06, 2006

City Break.

We had a great time in Nottingham. We got there at lunch time-ish on Tuesday and had a look around. I've only been a few times but my family all come from there and I seem to have an in-born sense of direction there which is rather bizarre as I'm normally crap at knowing where I am and have to rely on Colin. Anyway, after a good look around and a lovely smoothie from a smoothie stall we found the Travelodge (we'd got a £10 deal!) and realised there was no parking as it's bang in the city centre! So we had to use a multi-storey opposite and pay a whopping £13 for 24 hour's parking!! Our room was on the eighth floor so we got a great view of the city, especially lit up in the dark. We unpacked and then headed out to find some tea and ended up at Pizza Hut. We had a lovely meal and then settled in for the night.

On Wednesday morning Romy and Colin headed off to Nottingham Castle for a look around while I had a lazy morning tidying up our stuff and getting ready. There was a big group of school kids being herded around on a trip. They looked at Roo with envy and Colin heard them say "She looks old enough to be at school." Rofl!! Here are a few pic's.

When they returned we headed back to the shops and found a health food shop selling all manner of vegan delights; sosmix rolls, pies, broccoli and 'scheese' filo parcels... YUMMMM!!! We bought a selection and went to The Victoria Centre and sat by a big fish tank to eat them. We also had another Smoothie, this time adding a shot each of vitamins and wheatgrass. Romy wolfed it down! We found some great shops including loads more health food shops, a bead shop and a hippie one where I bought four bracelets. We bought some hemp string and some letter beads from the bead shop and made our own name bracelets :o) We were disappointed to find that the veggie fast food place we visited last time we were there - 'V1' - had disappeared. We were looking forward to that! I was very drawn to this shop but nearly had a fit when I saw the prices!!! You'd have to be very very rich/stupid to buy anything in there!

We had booked for two nights but I only remembered at the last minute that I was supposed to be starting an Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage course on the Weds night so we decided to go home and planned to go to Alton Towers today instead as a treat. However, that was scrapped when we realised that for some kids the Easter holidays have started and it would be packed. We'll wait until after Easter I think ;o) Instead Colin has spent the day stripping wallpaper in the conservatory, I went to the doctor's and we then we went to Normanby Park before heading off to TKD. I was fuming after the doc's appointment. I'd gone saying that I want to come off the beta-blockers because the arrhythmia has 99% stopped because of the Q10 and Magnesium. Stupid doctor said to stop taking them first and see if it comes back as it 'may' be the beta-blockers working. Oh yeah, they did nothing for 2 1/2 months but magically began working the day I started taking the supplements. It couldn't possibly be THOSE working!!! Arrgghhh!!!!! I'm going to go ahead and wean myself off the BB's anyway. Bugger the stupid doctor.

The Indian Head Massage course was brilliant! The tutor asked for a guinea pig and I was right in there!! lol. All I can say is WOW! My shoulders are always so knotted up and painful but she totally relaxed them. We then had a go on each other which was good. I can't wait for next week's session now. I'll be wanting to practice if anyone fancies it?

It's a month today until Roo's birthday! We're going to have a go at making the invitations tomorrow. We've got something reeeeeally special in mind ;o)


Blogger Jules said...

Wow, looks good. Might have to add it to the list of visits...

2:50 PM  
Blogger Jax said...

so it cost you more to park the car than sleep? Sounds about right.

3:04 PM  
Blogger Hazel said...

Yup ;o)

2:58 AM  

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