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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Five Star Maths :o)

Woohoo, we had a good day today. Got loads of maths done and had a Five Star Day (the 80's pop group!)

We started off our day with discussing four cards from this Angel Cards for Children set. We got them at a Mind, Body, Spirit event under strange and wonderful circumstances. Roo and I had been looking at them but couldn't afford to get them so we carried on looking round. About ten minutes later a lady and her daughter came up to us and said she'd bought them for us! I was overwhelmed. I'd never met her before in my life. She earnt some good karma that day ;o) Anyway, the cards prompted some really interesting discussion about being proud to be different (as Roo definitely is) and not following the crowd to try and 'fit in'.

We then ploughed ahead with lots of maths. I printed some really great worksheets off the BBC site and we did the following;
-Following directions on a treasure map.
-Measuring lines to the nearest cm.
-Two pages of fractions.
-Working out the ages of a monkey family, lol. (e.g, I am twice Sam's age, or Grandpa's age added to mine is 100.)
-Used a protractor to measure angles.
-Used a compass to draw circles.
-Drew some cubes on squared paper (Roo turned hers into dice.)
-Answered questions about a Venn diagram.
-Completed a pictogram that represented what birds eat.
-Answered questions on a completed pictogram.
-Measured monkey's tails on cm squared paper.
-Coloured the numbers that appear in the 5 times table in a grid to reveal a clue.

Later I picked some random songs on the computer to play whilst we went on the elliptical trainer. They just happened to be Five Star ones. Now I used to be utterly obsessed with them as a youngster and I still have a daft soft spot for them in a sad reminiscing kind of a way. I was well chuffed then that Romy absolutely loved the songs. Not needing much prompting I proceeded to dig out my old videos (that haven't seen the light of day for years and years) and put one on for her. Roo was transfixed by the dancing and I felt about 13 again. It was fab!! An hour well spent :o) She wants to watch another tomorrow, rofl.

Last night we read some more Heidi. We're at the bit where she's living with Clara and Fraulein Rottenmeier (boo! hiss!) in Frankfurt. The memories of the TV prog are flooding back to me from 1982 ;o) I'd forgotten about the kittens in the bell tower!

This evening I went to my Indian Head Massage course and Colin took Roo to Normanby Park on her skates. They got talking to some friends from TKD there too. I think we're leading them astray with talk of home education :o) Lovely kids.

Yesterday we had a play afternoon with Roo's friend Abigail. She went back to school today so we grabbed a last chance to spend some time with them. We went to two different parks and had a walk across to Pets at Home. I got the usual pestering for more guinea pigs, lol.

Better go, Heidi is calling us!


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