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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Green Belt Goddess!

We were up bright and early for Roo and Colin's graduation this morning. Actually I got up at 6.30 as I couldn't sleep. I took the opportunity to re-watch last night's episode of Green Wing as there was a rather excellent twist to the Caroline/Mac storyline (not to mention a squeee-inducing snog!)

Anyhoo, Colin got his Yellow Belt today and Roo got her green. My Mum and Robert came to cheer them on with me :o) Here are a few pics:

Romy getting her certificate and wearing her new belt.
Sparring with a friend.
Kali stick-ing!
About to begin her XMA performance.

Then it was quickly home for a snack and a change of clothes before they went off to the museum Archaeology Club. Today it was making Bronze Age beakers from clay. Lots of worksheets brought home too. I nipped round town while they were there and bought a load of stuff for Roo's party (plates, napkins, sweets, etc.) Here's Roo with her finished article. It's a lot more detailed than it looks on the pic.

I bought Roo a 'well done' bunch of flowers in town which she was well chuffed with. I don't know what sort they are but they're lovely.

This evening Roo and I have been sorting out party bags, which was a lot more work than it sounds. My back is killing me today. I'll be glad of my bed tonight!

Better go and write our review for Education Otherwise. We were sent an Usborne book this time "Fairy things to stitch and sew." It's lovely. I always seem to leave it until the last minute to do my review though :o(


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