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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Outdoorsy day.

This morning we re-potted more plants; spider plants this time. Lots of fun doing that. Then we came in briefly to do a bit of work. Romy read several books to herself and did some worksheets on words with rhyming long vowels. We then painted a Felicity Wishes picture each for Roo's illustrator's project. Here's Roo's followed by mine:

Took us ages to Google the illustrator - Emma Thomson - without getting info about the actress with the same (but differently spelled) name!

We went back out then for a long walk. We walked accross the field to look round the pet shop. Found an interesting ad in there for a rabbit and guinea pig show. Romy has set her heart on entering Willow into the children's pet class ;o) Think he'll need a few baths and brushes before then!

On the way home we played in two parks. Well, Roo played. I sat and watched her, thinking how wonderful she is and how blessed I am to have her.

Last night we read more Calvin and Hobbes, which caused a bit too much late night giggling! Mind you, I'm glad because before we read that we'd looked at a few more pages of the Book of the 20th Century and Roo was a bit worried/upset about wars. We'd read about WWI and she started worrying about more wars happening now. Poor thing. Not the best bedtime reading material then!

I've just come back from week four of my Indian Head Massage course, in liquid form (it's sooo relaxing.) I've become friends with a lovely woman there who has her own business as a beauty/massage therapist. She gave me her price list tonight for reference for when I start my own business. She said if I want anything doing though she'll do it for free. Not bad eh? Obviously I reciprocated with offers of Reiki. We always pair up to do the IHM practical so I've got to know her quite well.

Romy and Colin went to Normanby park whilst I was there. Here are a couple of piccies of Roo. Apparently she can really bomb around on those in-liners now :o) After practicing on her bike and whizzing around on her skates she played with a boy she met there the same time last week.

Off out again now to take Tilly for (yet another) walk. Got itchy feet!


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