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Monday, April 17, 2006

Party Plans, Pot Plants and Paint pots!

Busy, busy , busy - that's been us this long weekend. Here are just a few of the highlights...

-Ate lots of chocolate. Romy got a surprising number of vegan Easter eggs and chocs, and Colin bought me one too! Yay! Here's just a small selection:
-Sent out all the invitations to Romy's party. Here's one we made earlier ;o) -Took Tilly for a long walk along the Beck (where she rolled in fox poo And Roo fell out of a tree!)
-Sat on a quilt and slid downstairs several times ;o)
-Decorated the conservatory (mainly Colin's doings.) It's looking great but needs finishing. Now have somewhere to put the elliptical trainer, yay! No excuse now though, boo! -Cleaned out fish.
-Cleaned out guinea pigs.
-Finished my penultimate Aromatherapy assignment (at last!)
-Ate lots of chocolate.
-Took Toby to vets and got his teeth snipped off again.
-Found a place that will insure me to start up my Complimentary Therapy business. Wrote some plans and designed some business cards. Read up about tax/N.I etc.
-Did LOADS of sodding ironing. Woohoo... Not.
-Ate lots more chocolate.
-Listened to Romy singing "Somewhere over the rainbow" and "If I only had a brain/ a heart/ the nerve" Bazillions of times! My fault, I printed out the words for her ;o)
-Romy did lots of self-directed work on her Oz project. (Doesn't she know it's the holidays?)
-Ate even more chocolate.
-Went to my Indian Head Massage course.
-Colin took Roo to Normanby Park with her bike whilst I was there.
-Roo and I went there with Emily and Nikki the next day too. Found a spooky-face tree. Took a pic with my phone but it didn't look spooky on the photo :o(
-Went to XMA/TKD.
-Re-potted one of our Aloe-vera's. She'd got about 30 babies in her pot and they were so squashed. We were surprised/chuffed to find she's grown a long shoot with flowers at the top. I'd heard fabled tales of Veras growing flowers but this is the first time it's happened to us, despite being overrun with the flippin' things. We started with one plant. We now have over a hundred in about 18 months!!! And people say rabbits are good breeders! -Ate some more chocolate. *GROAN*
-Went to play with Romy's friend, Abigail.
-Went to Mum's for dinner. Did Indian Head Massage/Reiki on sister as she had v. stiff neck. Hope I helped a bit.
-Played with Sylvanian Families (a re-discovered passion it seems ;o))
-Started reading Heidi. The first chapter was reeeeeally hard going and I thought Roo wouldn't be interested, but by the second chapter she was totally hooked and has a new mini obsession (to add to Oz.) I remembered watching the dodgy dubbed series on T.V as a child in the Eighties. One summer it was on every day of the holidays. I used to watch that and then Fame afterwards :o))) Anyway, I looked on eBay and lo and behold, there it was on DVD! V. cheap too (£2.99) so got it for Roo's birthday.
-Bought Roo Return to Oz from eBay too for her birthday. Don't know if it'll be any good.


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