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Friday, April 28, 2006

Party preparations...

Today has been another that's been largely spent preparing for Roo's birthday. I'm feeling a lot more confident about stuff being finished in time now. Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon trying in vain to make a Yellow Brick Road. I'd beeen really chuffed to find a roll of yellow wallpaper in the garage and got out the black paint and off we went. Boo, hiss! When it dried it just cracked off :o( So I tried going over it with PVA glue. When that dried it peeled off :o[ By now it was looking a right mess. Then I had a brain wave; masking tape! Here's the result. I'm quite pleased with it :o)
We've also made some 'Over the Rainbow' name badges for everyone:
And here's my laughable attempt at the Tin man's torso for 'pin the heart on the tin man.'

We've a few other things up our sleeves too that aren't finished yet. That's enough for one day though.

Still on the theme of Oz, we got the soundtrack in the post today. I got it off eBay for a coupla quid for the party. We listened to it this afternoon. Roo does a mean scarecrow dance/mime to "If I only had a brain." Bless :o)

Apart from all the party stuff (which is after all art and craft) Roo did a bit of English this afternoon - filling in the missing words in a story. She did that while I was cutting out all the laminated rainbow badges!

This evening Roo went to her swimming lesson and had a little play with her friend Holly. She's had her bath/hair wash ready for her big day tomorrow. It's her Green Belt Graduation! Better get sorted :o)


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