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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Pony Princess :o)

Phew! We're absolutely shattered as we've only just come back from Normanby Park where Romy and Colin had rides on our friend's horses. We were there for three hours and ended up getting locked in as the park shut at 8 o'clock ;o) Romy and her new friend R had their TKD lesson and then we all went off to see the horses. First of all we went to get the horses and then Roo helped to brush Alfie down. We then had a not so happy moment when he decided to tread on Roo's foot in return!

After they'd been saddled up U and her daughter M rode the horses down to the riding school. They burnt off some of their energy while Romy played with R. R is an almost-nine-year-old boy but he and Roo got on like a house on fire. When Alfie had calmed down a bit Roo got to have a ride around the park. It was lovely as everyone had gone home by then so we had the place to ourselves. Colin got to ride U's horse; Sally which he was well chuffed about.
M helping Roo onto Alfie.
Doesn't she look as pleased as punch?
Colin and Roo with U and M.

Not a care in the world :o)

As soon as we got in the car Roo said "when can we come again?" Rofl. I was shattered as I'd walked miles but she was raring to go again :o)

Other stuff we've done today: Mainly party preparations. We listened to music as we made lots of surprise decorations for the party. Every available surface, including the kitchen worktop is covered with painted things drying! Roo made some lovely Sizzix people with TKD suits and belts on. We had our lunch outside in the sunshine, went round to see a neighbour and wrote a list of stuff to buy for the party. Roo has decided to invite yet another friend. This has to be the last one as there are 23 kids coming now! There was also a very long pretend game of pet fairies involving poor Tilly being walked around the house on her lead. Bless her, she's a very co-operative and patient dog.

Off to rest me' bones!


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