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Monday, April 03, 2006

Strange weekend.

Don't really know how to describe this weekend. Suffice it to say that I made a massive decision about our family which has huge repercussions for all of us. I don't really feel comfortable writing about it yet but I want to keep up the blog so I'll just say what we've been up to.

On Thursday Romy wanted to watch The Wizard of Oz again. I didn't really want her to as we were supposed to be doing some work (you remember - work!) But then in that twisted way home educated kids have of getting what they want she said "what about if I do a Wizard of Oz project?" Rofl. I considered it for a minute and many educational things flitted through my head so I agreed. She sat and watched the film with a notepad and pencil and took notes throughout the film commenting on the differences between it and the book. Don't know what we'll do with that yet but it felt better than just letting her sit and watch ;o)

After the film we printed out some lovely rainbow print paper and Romy wrote out the lyrics to Somewhere Over the Rainbow on it. We also printed a few pages out with a picture of each character on. Romy then wrote their names, what each was searching for and drew a picture/wrote some more facts about them. This was carried on on Friday. Friday afternoon was spent playing with Emily and getting incredibly filthy in the garden ;o) We had a very panicky moment when we realised that Scrappy was lost. I eventually found him wedged behind the cage. God knows how long he'd been there for but he was absolutely ravenous :o( Romy drew some lovely pictures of the characters from Oz to go in her project and then went to her swimming lesson at 5.30. She fell asleep on the settee in the evening so Colin and I had a long talk and then watched Brokeback Mountain (best film EVER!)

At XMA on Saturday morning Romy and some others had their photo's taken for the new website. We then went into Brigg and to Tesco's. When we got home we had a complete blitz of the conservatory. We cleared out the junk and started stripping wallpaper. It felt reeeeeally good! We need to have a massive car boot sale though :o( Hate doing those. Colin played outside with Roo afterwards.

On Sunday Morning Coling fixed up Romy's bike. It's a really good mountain bike with suspension and everything. She won it in a competition when she was 11 months old, rofl. He took her out and ran along with her down the street. She managed a bit on her own :o) I was feeling reckless and positive after losing almost 6 stone so I asked Colin to get his bike out and I rode it around the block :o)))) I've not been on a bike for about 13 years!!! It felt great. I'll have to get one I think. We went to my Mum's for Sunday dinner and Roo had a great time playing with her two cousins and doing some craft. We then decided to be all spontaneous and go to the seaside (well, ok then Cleethorpes!) Romy took ages spending £2 in 2 pences on the slot machines and managed to win a porcelain baby fairy doll on the 2p 'pusher' machines. It only took her about 20p to get it too. We had a nice walk on the sand (mud!) before it began to rain.

Today we've been reading The Borrowers, Romy has designed a huge movie poster for her Oz project, she finished some other work off and we've been to TKD (Amongst other things.) Tomorrow we're off to Nottingham for a couple of days. Back Thursday.


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