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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

200th post!!

Gosh, this is my 200th post. I've been blogging now for almost a year now!

Yesterday we went over to Barton to the Water's Edge Country Park visitor's centre with my Mum and Robert. It's a really fab place that's only just opened on the south bank of the Humber. The whole building is made from re-cycled materials and there are loads of great educational things to do. As well as the blue tit webcam on a big screen there were others like a barn owl one. The chicks looked like little dinosaurs! We also fed the very hungry ducks and geese and their babies in the park itself. Here are a few photo's of the day.

Using the ink stampers to fill in a quiz sheet.
Playing a giant environmental board game with Nana.

Global issues.
Feeding the hungry ducks with Grandad.

After Dinner at my Mum's we came home and went for a long walk. Colin then took Roo out on her bike while I had a bath ;o)

Today Roo and Colin went out to the museum again to have another look around the Egyptian exhibition. Then they took themselves off to Normanby for a couple of hours. They flied a kite, met up with our friends, held tadpoles, played in the parks and stroked the horses. While they were enjoying all this I was stuck at home doing my last aromatherapy question. Boo hiss!! It's felt really weird this long weekend as Roo has been out with Colin quite a lot. Normally she's with me pretty much 24/7. It's been a nice change for all of us I think. Colin's back to work tomorrow though, so it'll be business as usual :o)

This afternoon:

Romy has really got into Where's Wally recently. The other night we decided to have a look online to see if there were any WW sites. We found one and clicked on it looking for Wally, and all of a sudden this scary face jumps out at us screaming!!!! I was absolutely furious as Roo was petrified (me too!!) If you're interested here's the site. It's probably not so scary when you know what's coming.

I saw this over at Lucy's blog. I've seen some of it before in the EO magazine I think, but put to music it's just wonderful and so true. What better argument for home ed can you get? Lovely.

Oh and just a funny photo of Roo at the supermarket with a cow on Monday ;o)


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Roo reminds me of Meadow a lot. That's a supa cool jacket she's wearing:)

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