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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Barefoot in the park.

Some beautiful pictures of Romy at Normanby park this evening whilst I was at my Indian Head Massage course....

Some other things we've been up to today:

-Read a Disney fairy book "Rani in the Mermaid Lagoon." -Had tea outside at dusk. -Roo has had Emily over to play and they had a blast. -We tidied up. -Roo wrote a letter back to her friend.

Things we definitely haven't done today: -Any 'school' work. -Party preparations that desperately need doing. Gah!! I spent the entire afternoon as Roo and Emily were playing looking at Morrissey videos on youtube.com. It was a lovely waste of time though ;o)


Blogger Roo's Dad said...

Lovely Photographs :)

7:39 AM  

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