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Friday, May 05, 2006

Midnight Party Fairy!

That's me by the way ;o) Yes it's midnight and I still have a zillion-and-one things to do for tomorrow (today - eek!) The house is quiet, apart from the voices in my head (joke!) Thought I'd take a moment to blog the last day of Romy being six before the Big Seven tomorrow.

Did we have lovely weather today? I didn't notice as I spent all day in the (unbelievably miniscule and hot) kitchen baking buns. Roo joined in for a while before losing interest and donning her Dorothy costume for a lengthy game of pretend Oz. Her interest fleetingly resurfaced when it was time to ice said buns and add star sprinkles but not for long. Like her Mum, she'll be no Fanny Craddock that one ;o)

In the middle of the marathon baking session Colin's Nan and Grandad turned up unanounced to see Romy. Gah! The house was a complete tip. Well it always is, but people seem to pick just the right (or wrong) times to turn up when it's looking particularly How Clean is Your House-ish! Had to quickly move stuff from the settee so that they could sit down, apologising profusely whilst cursing my inability to perform basic housework tasks when there's the much more interesting (and rewarding) business of Doing Important Stuff With Romy. Never mind, hopefully when I'm dead and gone people will remember my sparkling wit and personality *snort* and not my woefully inferior house cleaning skills.

Managed to cross loads of things off my list today which was very satisfying. I'm (in)famous for my lists in times of crisis, i.e parties, Xmas, holidays. I make 'em and lose 'em at a rate of knots. I can't, however promise to actually do anything on them, but at least I appear to be organised, lol.

Disappointingly we've had three children say they can't come now :o( A brother and sister who have gone on holiday completely forgetting the party (sounds like something I'd do!) and Romy's friend at swimming who very kindly brought her a card and present today anyway.

Ooh, talking of swimming. Romy got her Dolphin Level Three award today :o))))) So proud! There are only two more levels to go and that's it. She was chuffed because all the kids and the teacher sang Happy Birthday to her too. Bless!

Not only has my wonderful Mum made Roo's costume, she's also made her a fabulous cake. It's Dorothy's house with the witches legs sticking out from underneath it (complete with red Barbie shoes, rofl.) She's even added the yellow brick road and a rainbow! I'll make sure I get a picture before it's eaten and post it here.

We took the piggies to the vet today. Toby got his teeth cut again, but his bottom ones have begun to grow back so he shouldn't need them doing again. Bizarre! Don't know how he lost them in the first place. Romy was worried about some lumps under Willow's arms so we took him to get checked out. I thought they were just fat though and I was right. He took a sample from one with a needle, placed it on a slide and identified it as fatty tissue. Hopefully that's put Roo's mind at rest as she's been worrying a lot lately about people/pets dying. Poor thing, she's been getting quite upset. It's not nice to witness the end of innocence in a child; the point when they realise that people don't have to be really old to die and that no-one knows when anyone will go. I'd love to tell her we'll all die peacefully in our sleep at 100-years-old but that would be irresponsible and patronising. So all I can do is try to comfort her and not make too big a deal of it. I know it will pass.

*Sigh* I'd better go and wave my wand then. These things won't get done on their own. Here's to a fantastic birthday tomorrow. I hope it's one that Roo will remember forever. *Thinks - She'd better flippin' do!*

Where did the last seven years go??? *Logs off before she starts sobbing into keyboard.*


Blogger Nikki said...

The ticker's changed! Wooooooo! Happy Birthday, Romy! Love from Emily, Nikki & Jon. xxxxxxx

11:35 PM  
Blogger Liza said...

i know what ya mean its going toooo fast :(
Happy Birthday Romy X.
hope the party was fab!! cant wait to see the pics!

6:47 AM  

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