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Friday, May 12, 2006

Relaxing week.

Last week was so hectic with all the party preparations, so it's been lovely to have a relaxing week of not-doing-much :o) Here are the bits and pieces we've done that I can remember since Monday:
-Romy has written lots of thank-you notes (but has loads more to do.)
-Sat out in the sun reading Pet Fairies books and Princess Mirror-Belle (from Emily for Roo's birthday. We absolutely loved Mirror-Belle!)
-Roo has been scootering everywhere, including every time we've been for a walk, in the garden and even in the house!
-Roo started a new guinea pig blog, which can be seen by clicking on my profile. She has done a couple of posts already, including weighing all the pigs and recording the info.
-I finished my Indian Head Massage course and got my certificate.
-I finished my last Aromatherapy assignment. (Forgot to send it off today. Doh!)
-Roo's done lots of maths; re-arranging groups of three digits to make the largest and smallest possible numbers. Counting in threes and sharing groups of three bananas between monkeys, lol. Completed the next two numbers in lots of number patterns.
-We lost one of the new guinea pigs - Mac, this morning. Searched absolutely everywhere and eventually found him in the biggies cage *rolls eyes.*
-Roo made up lots of poems as we went for an evening walk. (Mainly about the pollution from the steelworks!)
-We made lots of rhinestone craft using a set Roo got for her birthday.
-Did some more maths; units, tens, hundreds, etc. Talked about numbers right up to billions and trillions. Even Googleplex, lol. (One with a million noughts!)
-One of the piggies chewed through the modem cable!! (The new piggies are chief suspects.)
-We went to Normanby park with our friends. Roo had a play with R and R while we oldies had a chinwag.
-Went into town this afternoon in a thunderstorm. Romy opened her own account at a building society. Now she's seven she could open it in her own name and only needs her signature to make a withdrawal. Ooh, how grown-up! :o)
-Spent some time at the library. Got the sequel to Princess Mirror-Belle and some Worst Witch books. I ended up getting a few too. Don't know when I'll have time to read them though!
-Did some science on the bus talking about lightning. Explained to Roo all about electricity conductors, earthing, etc.
-Been to Taekwondo and swimming lessons.
-Enjoyed being in the garden. The Twisted Hazel (my namesake, lol) is looking fab this year. It'll soon be full of ants and aphids though :o(


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Guinea Piggy piccies below are very cute :-)

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