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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ruby Slippers.

Here are Romy's Ruby Slippers for the party on Saturday. I am so pleased with how they've turned out. My Mum got the shoes from a charity shop. They were plain black and I used some red glitter glue to turn them into fabulous ruby slippers. I've had to put four layers on. I wish I'd kept them as a surprise for Roo, but never mind. She loves them. I had to prise them from her feet to put the last layer on as she was dragging poor Tilly (Toto) around the house as Dorothy :o)

We had a fantastic weekend. Saturday was the graduation which I've already written about. On Sunday we went to my Mum's for dinner. Romy played with her two cousins, generally having a riot of a time. We left Tilly there for my Mum to look after as we were planning to do a car boot sale the next morning. On Sunday night Colin went out to play D&D with his mates as usual. He dropped Roo and I off at U's house. I had a good old chinwag with U, her hubby A and her fantastic daughter M. She's 13 and I love her to pieces already and I've only known her a couple of weeks. Roo ran around the house like a Demented Thing with the two boys R and R. We got to hold their corn snakes which was weird, and Roo, R and R spun each other round mercilessly in one of these cool chairs. By the time we left at 11.15pm Romy felt thoroughly sick! This is a photo of how she fell asleep on the settee as soon as she got in :o) (She was fine though.)

On Bank Holiday Monday we dragged our sorry butts out of bed at 6am to do a car boot sale. Gaaah! I HATE doing those, but needs must. We were desperate to earn £30 to pay for Romy's party (the hiring of the hall) so even though it was peeing it down we had to go ahead :o( To cut a long story short, it was a total washout and we only ended up making £20. Boo! Never mind. We put it down to experience and went home to bed for a bit after picking Tilly up from my Mum's ;o) We also went and looked round some shops with my Mum and Robert in the afternoon and did some more party preparations. Then in the evening I went for a lemonade (yes I live life in the fast lane) with my friend Theresa at the pub. We had agood old chit chat for a couple of hours which was great (and long overdue.)

Today Roo has been doing some English comprehension exercised from a Janet and John workbook. She's also made these fab Oz characters from toilet roll tubes. Sorry pic's a bit rubbish. We've also done some more party preps, drew some pics of fairies and read some books. Off to get Roo ready for Brownies now.


Blogger Roo's Dad said...

Always impressed by the hard work you put into Roo's Birthday parties, I guess I just never say it.

12:27 AM  
Blogger Hazel said...

Aaaah! :o)

3:23 AM  
Blogger Jules said...

Ruby slippers are fab! Well done you :-D

Car Boot sales, hmm, I rather enjoy them. Only in nice weather though :-)

5:59 AM  

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