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Friday, May 26, 2006

This week.

I've not updated since Monday, so here goes:

On Monday Theresa came round with some flowers and a present for my Birthday. Thomas (who's 1 1/2) was fascinated by the piggies. He kept trying to get in the cage with them, lol. Colin's Mum dropped a card over, and then we spent all flippin' evening at TKD :o( Lovely highlight when U and M brought in two bunches of flowers and a gorgeous hand-made card for me. Hugs all round too. Before bed Roo and I treated ourselves to an application of the vegan face mask and cream that Amanda got for me. While it was drying we read some of Princess Mirror-Belle :o)

On Tuesday we had friends round to play all day. Roo had fun in the garden and trashing her bedroom with Lewis and Katie. Then it was off to Brownies. While Roo was busy having a great time there Colin and I did a picture each. Here's Colin's fabulous watercolour of horses:

I did a very poor picture of a cat fairy for Roo using pastels which cannot be shown in public, so there.

On Weds Roo did quite a lot of 'school' work. She started working through a Janet and John workbook for 7 year-olds which was, quite frankly a little on the easy side. There was some comprehension passages/questions, finishing off poems with rhyming words, etc. We did some work on 'same sound but different letter pattern' stuff (or, ore, oor as on torch, more, door.) I wrote out "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" sentence and Roo copied it out as neatly as she could a few times for handwriting practice. We had a great time on this site. It looks like Roo has remembered everything we learnt about money a few months ago. She had no problem making up £9.56, £6.84, etc. It's a really good free resource that. I think we'll concentrate on giving change from now on.

We had a go on this site too. It looked quite promising, with fabulous 3D graphics. Roo was very excited about exploring the town on a hoverboard, but - alas! We couldn't make head nor tail of the damn site, so gave up after half an hour. Shame really as it could have been really great if it was a bit clearer.

Throughout the day we kept our eye on this blue tit nest webcam. It's based at the Water's Edge Country Park at Barton on Humber. My Mum rang and told me about it. Romy learnt a lot about the laws of nature sometimes being cruel as we watched the same couple of big babies being fed each time while the little ones were overlooked :o(

On Weds night we read a Where's Wally book, some more Princess Mirror-Belle, and went to TKD.

Thursday morning was spent doing more work on the money website, more handwriting, and finishing the Mirror-Belle book. Romy has absolutely LOVED those. Such a refreshing change :o) In the afternoon she went off to play at Emily's for the afternoon. Apparently she had a fab time. Here's a pic courtesy of Nikki.

While Roo was out I took Toby to the vet for his teeth to be clipped again. Then had an hour to myself which I thouroughly wasted surfing the 'net ;o) Roo came back full of cuddles and talk of what she'd been up to. We decided to spend the evening at Normanby Park, so off we went for a couple or three hours. We had a walk through the woods before bumping into a couple with a daughter and a dog, who seemed to adopt us. Eep, we couldn't get away! Tilly had a whale of a time playing with their dog, Romy made friends instantly with their 12 year-old daughter (who had learning difficulties so functioned as a seven-year-old.) And we were left talking to the Mum and Dad. They weren't bad, but a bit 'full on' iyswim. Kids and dogs played for ages while we talked about dogs, schools, home ed, etc, etc, etc!!

Today Roo and I got up reeeeeeeally late for some reason. We had a picnic lunch on the floor and then Roo did six pages of work to finish off the Janet and John book. She also managed to fit in some arty crafty stuff. We're off to her swimming lesson in a while, then it'll be bath and tidy up before a relaxing evening.


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