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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Welcome to our new triplets ;o)

And what a motley bunch they are! Here's the gorgeous Mac, named after our favourite character from Green Wing; Dr 'Mac' McCartney who has exactly the same hair:

Here's the almost as gorgeous and absolutely eeny weeny Frosty:

And not forgetting Zippy. So named because he zips around trying to evade capture :o)
You can just see Tilly's nose trying to have a sniff there, lol.

And here's a photo of the new three becoming acquainted with the old three:

Clockwise from my hand at the top: Toby, little Frosty, Zippy, giant Willow, Mac, and Scrappy.

Seems as though Roo's birthday money was burning a hole in her money box today. We remembered about the guinea pig show that we'd seen advertised and were going to enter Willow into (but never got around to doing.) So we went for a look around (yeah, right.) We never thought there'd be any piggies for sale but there were. We saw Zippy first for £5. Bargain compared to the £19 we paid for Scrappy from Pets at Home! Then we walked round a corner and saw Frosty for sale. Again only £5!! Around the next corner was a sign that said "Satin Sheltie" £15. All I could see was a bunch of hay, so I opened the cage, moved the hay aside and saw the most gorgeous boy. We just had to have him, so we paid quick!! He looks about 3 or 4 months old (a bit older than the other two) but his hair is already about 3 inches long. It's going to be much longer than Willow's. And as his name suggests it's really satiny/silky to the touch. He's been well taken care of - obviously been brushed every day and his bum hair has been trimmed, lol. Will have to keep it up! We had to drive the poor things home without a box (on my knee.) We got home, put them in a pet carrier and went off to show my Mum. On the way we stopped off to buy a home for the new piggies. That's most of Roo's money spent now. She's going to take the rest to the Lake District next week.

Better go. I'm supposed to be watching Return to Oz with Romy while Colin is out.


Blogger Roo's Dad said...

Hope the squinkies are playing nicely and avoiding "The Foosa"

7:43 AM  
Blogger Liza said...

awww :)

12:43 PM  
Blogger Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

Hi, I love the piggers. We inherited one recently, named him Herrance, he is so cute and gets on very well with Billy, our rabbit. EFT

3:27 PM  

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