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Friday, June 30, 2006

Alton Towers, birthday celebrations and Hazel the snob!

We had a fab time at Alton Towers yesterday. We got there at 10.30 and stayed until it closed at 6.30!! Can't believe I walked around for eight hours!! Mind you, my feet are still aching. Good job I had my trainers on. We saw loads of women in flip flops and even a few in high heels. How on earth do they manage it??? Anyway, here are some pics (as if you hadn't guessed, lol.)

Taking me on a tractor ride.
Am I too big for this ride? ;o)
Scary talking worm thing.
Queen Romy eating her royal crisps in the Merrie England courtyard.
Getting soaked with Daddy in a giant bath tub on the flume ride.
And the second soaking of the day. Well, someone had to keep our stuff dry. That was my excuse and I'm sticking to it :o)
Winning a pink and purple dragon.
Augustus Gloop's Mum in the new Charlie & chocolate factory ride. Utterly brilliant, especially the glass elevator at the end!
Bouncing bugs ride.
Looking a bit unsure on the frog hopper ;o)
Flying though the air!!
Romy and I had already been on this, but Roo had to drag Colin on one last thing before we left, lol.

Actually the kid's parts were completely empty so Roo and I went on everything we wanted lots of times while Colin went and queued for his biiiig rides. Romy bought him a medal for his birthday which read "I survived Rita Queen of Speed" lol.

Today Roo and I went into Ashby to buy some vegan chocolate to make Colin a birthday surprise. He's always looking at the fruit and nut bars in the shop longingly, so we made him a vegan version!

Romy's butterfly garden came the other day. We sent off for the caterpillars which are absolutelty weenie at the moment.
Will keep you posted with their development!

Oh, and am I a snob? I must be. On the way back from Ashby today we saw a couple with a baby in a pushchair waiting for the bus. The poor thing was in the full glare of the sun with no hat/parasol on whilst they were canoodling. She was obviously hot and fed up but they ignored her apart from peiodically shoving crisps into her hands. They also had three baby's bottles with sugar and aspartime laden orange cordial in with filthy teats on the end. They looked like they'd never been washed. On the bus the poor kid dropped one of them on the floor and they just picked it up and shoved it back in her mouth :o( I hate to admit that I felt morally superior to them. I felt so sorry for that poor baby. All she wanted was to be picked up and taken out of the sun but they seemed oblivious to her needs. Even Romy commented when we got home. I hugged her tight and felt glad that we had each other. I think having Roo has turned me into a snob :o(

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

More Mummies and Brownie Badges.

Here are the photo's Blogger wouldn't upload the other day. Don't know what's wrong with the bleedin' thing! Romy (in the denim jacket) is at the museum archaeology club learning how to wrap a Mummy :o)

Today, as part of her Egypt project Romy has been creating step-by-step instructions for the mummification process and illustrating it. Yuck! We've also been looking at the pyramids on Google Earth. Amazing! We got sidetracked after that and started looking at loads of other places/landmarks too including the Statue of Liberty. Roo's also done some Cartouches for her project and learnt some more about hieroglyphics. Oh, and designed a front cover too.

In other work, we've done lots of flow charts, tally charts, pictograms and making junk models. Romy has also been reading to herself a lot (as well as me reading the last Worst Witch book to her.) She also updated her guinea pig blog.

At Taekwondo Romy has been board-breaking using a hammer fist technique and tonight she did loads of self-defence. Colin beat the teacher at rag-sparring (where they have to try and grab a rag from each other's belt) about six times ;o)

Yesterday Romy came out of Brownies as pleased as punch with her first ever Brownie badge! A "friend to animals" badge. She was really proud :o) Just got to buy a sash to sew them onto now, lol.

While Roo was out at Brownies Colin and I went to Brigg to pick up some hay bales that someone had advertised on Freecycle. They'd used them as extra seating at a wedding. Just right for our house full of guinea pigs! It'll take them a while to get through all this...

We've also made Colin a birthday cake as we won't have time tomorrow because we're off to Alton Towers!!! Yey!! All three of us can go for the price of one (which is quite expensive enough, thank you) because we have a BOGOF ticket and a ticket we bought using Tesco vouchers. Complete bargain that was, over at Clubcard Deals. We've been wanting to go for ages but couldn't afford it. Can't really afford to go now really, but can't pass up this offer really. It's a birthday treat for Colin anyway ;o) Can't wait to go on the new Charlie and the chocolate factory ride!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Not much sleep at the sleepover!

Well, Romy's first sleepover went exceedingly well. Much better than I could have hoped for anyway. Abi came straight round after their swimming lesson and I plonked them both in the bath. They had a bit of a play before I washed their hair and put them into matching plaits ;o) At home Abi would have been going straight to bed then, but not here...

First we went to the turf maze and much fun was had running around 'sans dog' (Abi is scared of dogs, so Tilly had to stay at home.)

We didn't stay long as we wanted to take the girls to a pub near the river before the sun went down. Romy kept saying to Abi "Would you be in bed by now?" and "Would you be fast asleep by now?" ROFL. We spent a lovely hour or so in the pub garden watching the most gorgeous sunset:

The girls had lots of fun on the bouncy castle, on the slides and rolling down the hills. There was a lovely moment when Abi came up to me and said "Thank you so much for bringing us here Hazel. I'm having so much fun. I thought we might just go to a park or something." Bless. We often go there in the evenings, so it was lovely to see it from someone elses point of view (who has to be up for school in the mornings, lol.) But this was Friday night, so it was time for fun!

When the sun finally went down at gone 10 o'clock we set off for home. The girls went off into Roo's bedroom to make Hama things while Colin and I watched Big Brother that we'd taped.
Later on - still not flagging - they had the obligatory midnight feast and got into their pyjamas and brushed their teeth. I read them a chapter from "The Worst Witch All at Sea" and then they read to themselves for a bit.

They finally got to sleep at 2am!!! This was after saying they wanted to get up and have breakfast because they weren't tired. Then suddenly *zonk* they were out ;o) Phew! Of course then it took me ages to get to sleep 'cos I was thinking they'd wake up again. Doh!

If you'd gone to sleep at 2am what time would you be up in the morning (Saturday remember.) 10 o'clock? 11 o'clock? Try 8 o'clock!! Hmmm.... Carrying on with my saintly Mummy routine I served them toast and 'champagne' (lemonade!) with strawberries floating in it and then they went off to play whilst I ironed their Hama creations.

It can't have been 'alf bad because Abi wanted to stay for the rest of the weekend and kept asking when she could come back! Oh dear. I think I've started something now ;o)

So, briefly here's the rest of the stuff we've been up to since I last posted:
-I bought some tickets for Roo and I to see Keane in Hull in October. Woo hoo!
-We stumbled upon this hilarious website which was advertised on another site we were on. We weren't really looking for bird nappies - honest guv!
-We started learning some French using a children's French/English dictionary and a CD Rom.
-Read lots more Worst Witch (how many of those books are there?) and Indie Kidd.
-Romy made some Victorian toys using bits and bobs; a hoop and stick (which she was most successful in learning how to do) a conker on a string, and a wooden sword.
-We forgot our nephew's first birthday party, so had to make a mad dash over afterwards to drop off his card and present. Ooops!
-Roo did lots of English/spelling. And learnt to use the Yellow Pages and phone book.
-We found what appeared to be a blood bath in the guinea pig's cage. After searching each pig for injuries we found it was Willow's foot. He must've either been bitten by another pig or caught his foot in the cage. I'm suspecting the former as there's a LOT of fighting going on at the moment :o(
-Romy made me a lovely fruit basket as a surprise after hearing me say to my Mum that I'd never had one. (She had one for her birthday last week.)

-Romy's paddling pool water has gone green! We've found out that we need to buy chlorine to put in to keep it clear. It costs a fortune. Boo!
-Roo went to Archaeology club with Colin yesterday and they had a go at making a life-sized Mummy! There was a foam person and the kids all had a job to do each, starting with opening up the velcro stomach and removing the internal organs. Ewww! Romy was number 19 and had to add the mirror so that the deceased could do their hair in the afterlife or something, lol. Romy had also drawn a picture of Anubis and Bastet for the ladies who run the club :o) I have a couple of pics of the mummification process but Blogger won't let me put any more pics up at the moment (probably thinks I've put enough up already, rofl.)
-Went to a BBQ at my Mum's today. My poor sis' has a tooth abcess so her face was really swollen :o(

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Mum!

It's my Mum's birthday today. What a lovely day to be born on too :o)
Happy Birthday Mum. We Love You!!!!
We went over this afternoon to give her her cards and presents. Romy made her a lovely decoupage kitten card with millions of kisses on it. She also bought her some Body Shop satsuma body butter. Mum was thrilled with it but joked that she'd be followed by bees, lol. I bought her The Thorn Birds DVD as she used to love that when it was on years ago. I also had the mad idea to get all us 'kids' to write lots of little notes saying why we love her. Romy and I decorated a box to put them all in and I spent a fortune ringing/texting my siblings trying to co-ordinate things. Unfortunately not everyone was as enthusiastic as me about it, so I didn't quite manage to get notes from everyone, but I think she was pleased with it anyway.

Other random stuff we've been up to:
-Colin and Romy spent a looooong time tidying Roo's room as (fanfare) she is having her first sleepover on Friday! How excited can one child get???
-Went for a play at Normanby park.
-At Brownies a lady from the Cats Protection League came to give them a talk which went down extremely well.
-Romy has done lots of writing in her diary with invisible ink. It only shows up when you shine an ultra-violet light on it.
-We drew faces on each other's knees in bed last night just because ;o) And also played Cluedo.
-Did some maths: Playing shops, adding totals and giving change with real money.
-Read yet more Worst Witch books!
-Romy sat with Colin and did reams of work this morning on Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. Roo drew each deity and Colin read out their name, what they were God of and when they were worshipped from and to. Romy wrote all the information next to each picture. She also learnt about the meaning of B.C and A.D.
-I finally finished my Aromatherapy exam!!!!!!! *Does celebratory dance in chair* Am I glad to see the back of that!
-Romy drew lots of pictures of Mildred Hubble from the Worst Witch books.
-We cracked open a geode rock that Romy bought the other day from Bridlington. I had a moment of doubt when I thought we'd probably have picked one of the 10% of stones with no crystal formation inside, but no, we were lucky! Here's the result. Ignore the felt-tip on the thumb (from doing Nana's card, lol.):

Monday, June 19, 2006

Change of plan and a weekend in pictures.

We were supposed to be going camping today but unfortunately our friends got ill so we've had a change of plan. Hope they get better soon. Seeing as though Colin had booked three days off anyway we decided to go to Bridlington today. First other news from the weekend...

On Saturday we made some fairy furniture from the toymaker website I linked to the other day. Roo took this photo: We also went into town to get Colin's Father's day present. Pipe and slippers (well, not really the pipe!) We then went strawberry picking and picked way too many as usual ;o) They're absolutely gorgeous though! Yum.

On Sunday we went to Romy's home ed friend Joseph's ninth birthday party. We went to a play area first and I actually had two goes on one of those giant wavy slides ;o))))) I squealed like a little kid I tell you. I must have been about Romy's age the last time I went on one of those! After the scrummy vegan chocolate birthday cake......

......we all trooped off to a nearby park for a lovely picnic that Christine had prepared for us. Once again it was all vegan and scrummy. Romy was too busy playing to eat as usual so was really hungry later. She ran off and started playing with three girls who just happened to be in the park at the same time. We had to prise her away eventually as we had to go and visit Colin's Nan. From there it was on to Colin's dad's to give him his Father's day card and present and then on to mine. I gave Robert a big card with a cardboard medal on that says "World's best Dad" and a giant mug that holds three-and-a-half normal mugs of tea, lol.

We saw this tent while we were on our travels this weekend. Romy thought it was utterly fab!
And here's a random picture of her dressed as a witch (!?) on Saturday evening when we were cleaning her pool cover.
Here are some photo's from our trip to Bridlington today. We surprised Romy by taking her to John Bull's rock factory. The entrance fees were extremely reasonable - £1.50 for adults and £1.00 for kids. There were free samples to try while watching the amazing process of the rock making. I don't know how they do it with people staring at them all the time. Mind you, I suppose there's no slacking, lol. Romy got to make a stick of rock with her initial in it. Here she is trying to roll it (it was extremely hard!)
In the next room we were unnaturally amused by a conveyor-belt that weighed bars of coconut-ice as they went along and shoved them off if they didn't weigh enough. We soon worked out that the magic weight was 115g. Even those that weighed 114.9g were thrown off. Over half of the flippin' things seemed to be too light. We wondered what happened to them and also to the end bits of all the rock. We soon found out as we entered...THE SHOP!!! Roo has her rock she made but Colin has a bag of end bits that weighs a ton!! When he'll ever eat them is beyond me. Rock anyone???
Here's Roo at the beach having written her name in the sand:
And then a message for me... aaahh!
Colin and I were on the promenade for this shot. Roo seemed miles down.
And back home we broke open the rock to find the 'R'. Ignore the stray birthday card in the background. It was a belated one :o)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Reading, reading and yet more reading!

As you can guess from the title of today's blog post we've read lots of books over the past couple of days. This was prompted by a note from the library informing us that one of Roo's books was wanted by someone else. Oops, we've had them for ages and not got around to reading them. The book in question was one of The Worst Witch stories. We read it all in a day and then started on the other one we had from the library too. After reading that one we started on an Enid Blyton mysteries book. One of the characters in it is called Fatty!! Romy had me change his name to Freddy though. We're now reading Flat Stanley, which I'm not too impressed with. Can't quite put my finger on why though. The writing seems a bit poor I think.

Here's Romy's lovely photo from Brownies. There was also a group shot with it but they want £12.50 for the two! Slightly illegally we've decided to just scan them instead ;o)

We had fun on this maths games site the other day. Lots to do and loads of other subjects I think we'll go back to another day.

Yesterday Romy and I went into town for the afternoon. We had something to eat, bought me a new (bargain) swimming costume (mine was way too big) went swimming (water was freeeeezing!!) and spent some time in the library. Romy chose TONS more books. I don't know when we'll get to read them all, rofl. She doesn't seem to 'get' that when we're in the library. She's like a kid in a sweet shop. Actually, she's not that fussed about sweets, she'd rather have books ;o)

This morning we printed some beautiful stuff from this fantastic site. That I found over at Lucy's blog. We only managed to make one thing in the time we had as the cutting out was v fiddly. Here's Romy's fairy-in-a-box:

We also did a bit of music appreciation this morning. Romy made up dances for various classical pieces including a ballet-type effort for Ave Maria and a marching dance for Bolero. In the afternoon Emily came round to play. They were straight in the pool again...

...But Romy couldn't bear the cold for more than half-an-hour ;o) So they came in, had a picnic upstairs and played guitar and sang.

Just been to Roo's swimming lesson and enquired about her 50m certificate and badge. The teacher said she'd have it next week and added that she's not too far off gettin her Dolphin level 4 now. Ooh, I was chuffed. There's only one more level after that and that's it! Then she can go on to do life-saving or distances or whatever.

Colin was really pleased at taekwondo this week. He got to do a board-break and beat a black-belt at sparring! (He's a yellow-belt.) Cool.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Feelin' hot hot hot!

Phew! What a scorcher of a weekend it's been :o( Too hot for me I'm afraid. Especially as we had to be out in it all Sunday without reprieve.

Can't remember much that we got up to on Saturday apart from feeling extremely frustrated at taekwondo as they did last minute practicing for the Gala the next day. More about that later. Oh and we also went to the French Market in town. Ah yes, it's all coming back to me now. It was the England match wasn't it? So we went out for the afternoon thinking everywhere would be deserted. Unfortunately every other woman seemed to have the same idea as me and was trying on clothes at Tesco's. Boo! Never mind. The roads were quite empty and we were spoilt for choice for parking spaces in town. Annoyingly though even Evan's had the match blaring out of the radio. Don't they realise that we're coming out to get away from flippin' football?!

Romy made some yummy(!!) potions later on. BTW, that's tissue she's holding up with chopsticks :-O

Sunday morning we were up bright (not) and early for the gala. We picked our friends children up: M and R as we had two spare free tickets. Before Romy's taekwondo demo she had time to go on the free trampolines and bouncy castle and have a general look around. We had a go on a few charity tombolas and Roo bought herself a crystal from a stall run by the people I did my Indian Head Massage with. So it was nice to see them again.

This is the first year we've been to the gala when it hasn't rained. In fact it was quite the opposite: unbearably hot. Romy was supposed to be doing two demo's but after the first one I decided she shouldn't be out in the sun any more. (There was no shade anywhere!) She had come out in a really bad heat rash :o(
So we dropped our friends off at Normanby Park where their Mum was with their little brother and we went home to get changed and pick Tilly up. Then we made our way to an open day at a brand new taekwondo academy very near where we live. It was very impressive and is about half the price we're paying at the moment. So we made a very impulsive decision that night to move there. We've been extremely dissatisfied with the place Colin and Romy have been at for a year. It's not just the expense (although that is extortionate) it's the whole ethos of the place. Money money money, that's all they care about. You pays ya' money, you gets ya' belts basically. Whether you're good enough or not. I won't bore you with all the details, but suffice it to say we've been waiting for somewhere else to open up with reasonable prices. And this one has better training too.

After dropping in there we went back to Normanby for a picnic with our friends who were still there. Roo had a play with R and R and we had a good old natter. When they went home we decided to go to a nearby pub for a J2O ;o) Roo played with some kids on the bouncy castle and slides and we watched huge boats go past on the Trent. Tilly barked at a jacket that someone had hung in a tree. She thought it was a dog (she's a bit blind, bless her!) Here she is cooling off in the evening shade.
Yesterday (Monday) we stayed in, out of the sun. Romy got lots of work done for her Egyptian project and other stuff:
-Used oil pastels to colour in pictures of Gods and Goddesses. Lots of blending and colour mixing to get the right shades.
-Did some spelling dot-to-dots of Egyptian words.
-Did lots of work on hieroglyphics. Learnt the alphabet and then deciphered tons of words and wrote them in English.
-Did some Egyptian maths, lol.
-Made a guinea pig play area from boxes, etc.
-Wrote a fabulously funny taekwondo book all by herself.
-Read me a book about fairies.
-Wrote a review for the book "Indie Kidd: Are we having fun yet?" that we were sent from Education Otherwise. Here's what Romy wrote:

"I really loved this book. I was excited to read it as soon as it arrived in the post. I could have read it myself but I asked Mummy to read it to me because she is good at doing the voices. It is a very funny book about a girl who tries lots of plans to cheer her friend up who's cat has died. The girl gets a new cat in the end and calls it Mrs. Mumbles even though it is a boy! I loved the illustrations. They are by Lydia Monks who also did the pictures for Princess Mirror-bell which I also love. All the pages are really interesting with lots going on. I want to get all the other Indie Kidd books as soon as possible. "

Last night we went to the new TKD place and it was great. Romy had to go down one belt to purple, but she wasn't fussed as she had thought she'd have to go down to yellow. They haven't been teaching them the forms in the righ order at the other place :o( Glad we've got out of there.

And so to today. It's been a bit of a disaster so far:
-Tilly had a fit at 4.55 am.
-Tilly had another fit at 10.15 am.
-Tilly was sick on the settee at 11.30 am :o(((
-A thrush flew into and got stuck in the conservatory and was none too pleased when I rescued it.

Let's just hope the day improves!! Roo's done lots more work this morning including beautifully writing her name in hieroglyphics. She's now having a break and circling things she'd like in the Playmobil catalogue, rofl. Tilly is exhausted from the morning's 'excitements' and is asleep whilst the guinea pigs play around her (this is unheard of!) Back to Brownies tonight and it's 'show and tell' apparently. Better think of something to take. We've only had two weeks to think, lol.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Very quick update.

Love love love this: The Real Hot 100. Makes such a lovely change from all those crappy bloke's mags with their 'Hot 100 babes.' Bleurgh.

Oh dear. I'm not very well travelled am I??? You can see why I'm not that bothered about going abroad. There are so many places in Britain left to go yet.

County map
I've visited the counties in yellow.
Which counties have you visited?

made by marnanel
map reproduced from Ordnance Survey map data
by permission of the Ordnance Survey.
© Crown copyright 2001.

Over the last few days Roo has been making a start on her Egyptian project. I printed loads of great stuff from Edhelper which has started us off nicely.

Last night we went for a lovely picnic at a nearby turf maze:

I love the last one of Roo drinking an Innocent smoothie without the straw, lol. She went over to Emily's this afternoon and had a whale of a time in her paddling pool. She came back as brown as a berry. She had two further soakings tonight too: her swimming lesson and a bath. That girl is CLEAN!

Loads more to write about but it's too late. I need my bed :o)