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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

All work and no play, makes for a dull day.

So, the past two days Romy's been back down to work, but there's been lots of fun too. Yesterday she almost managed to finish the Oz project. She wrote profiles for each character. We also did some spelling practice and maths. Here's roo making a fairy work of art on an easel that Colin bought for a bargain £1.99.

We also spent an hour playing the free trial of this fantastic game. It's great fun and easy for kids (on the first couple of levels. But you have to turn your speakers off after a few minutes lest you go mad.)

At TKD Roo had a play with her friends R & R after her lesson and then played with a boy from down the road who goes to watch his Mum (who's in Colin's lesson.) In bed we read a Where's Wally type book that's a bit easier. (One of four that my Aunty gave Romy on Sunday.)

This morning Roo announced she wanted to write a book about Tilly. I love it when she does that because she's practicing her writing and spelling without seeing it as 'work'. A few months ago she would never have volunteered to do that anyway. So it looks like my 'hands-off' approach is working (as indeed it did with reading. She's now very fluent.) Anyway, this book so far includes Tilly's name, D.O.B, etc, pictures of her, and some stuff about Romy too.

This afternoon Emily came round to play. The temperature was barely 20c but in the new pool they went (the temp in the pool was approx -2, we had to break the ice for them to get in, rofl.) I dragged them out after an hour as by then their skin colour was pretty similar to their cossies ;o)

Much fun was had despite the cold. They played mermaids and quized each other on subjects close to their hearts (Emily: Tai Chi, Egyptians, functionings of the human body.) (Romy: Taekwondo, guinea pigs, Medieaval times.) I did a Very Bad Thing and picked Tilly up and dropped her in the water. She hates water ;o) Mind you, she paid me back by drenching the kitchen floor when she went in, lol.

Another tiny bit of education squeezed out of the fun of the afternoon: The girls found some red larvae in a container of water in the garden so we Googled them (love that new verb: 'to google'.) Found out they were midge larvae. Nice.

Off to our second home now (TKD.) We won't be going for much longer though as we've found out about one that's a third of the price we're currently paying, and it's right on our doorstep too which will save us mucho wonga on petrol.


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