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Friday, June 30, 2006

Alton Towers, birthday celebrations and Hazel the snob!

We had a fab time at Alton Towers yesterday. We got there at 10.30 and stayed until it closed at 6.30!! Can't believe I walked around for eight hours!! Mind you, my feet are still aching. Good job I had my trainers on. We saw loads of women in flip flops and even a few in high heels. How on earth do they manage it??? Anyway, here are some pics (as if you hadn't guessed, lol.)

Taking me on a tractor ride.
Am I too big for this ride? ;o)
Scary talking worm thing.
Queen Romy eating her royal crisps in the Merrie England courtyard.
Getting soaked with Daddy in a giant bath tub on the flume ride.
And the second soaking of the day. Well, someone had to keep our stuff dry. That was my excuse and I'm sticking to it :o)
Winning a pink and purple dragon.
Augustus Gloop's Mum in the new Charlie & chocolate factory ride. Utterly brilliant, especially the glass elevator at the end!
Bouncing bugs ride.
Looking a bit unsure on the frog hopper ;o)
Flying though the air!!
Romy and I had already been on this, but Roo had to drag Colin on one last thing before we left, lol.

Actually the kid's parts were completely empty so Roo and I went on everything we wanted lots of times while Colin went and queued for his biiiig rides. Romy bought him a medal for his birthday which read "I survived Rita Queen of Speed" lol.

Today Roo and I went into Ashby to buy some vegan chocolate to make Colin a birthday surprise. He's always looking at the fruit and nut bars in the shop longingly, so we made him a vegan version!

Romy's butterfly garden came the other day. We sent off for the caterpillars which are absolutelty weenie at the moment.
Will keep you posted with their development!

Oh, and am I a snob? I must be. On the way back from Ashby today we saw a couple with a baby in a pushchair waiting for the bus. The poor thing was in the full glare of the sun with no hat/parasol on whilst they were canoodling. She was obviously hot and fed up but they ignored her apart from peiodically shoving crisps into her hands. They also had three baby's bottles with sugar and aspartime laden orange cordial in with filthy teats on the end. They looked like they'd never been washed. On the bus the poor kid dropped one of them on the floor and they just picked it up and shoved it back in her mouth :o( I hate to admit that I felt morally superior to them. I felt so sorry for that poor baby. All she wanted was to be picked up and taken out of the sun but they seemed oblivious to her needs. Even Romy commented when we got home. I hugged her tight and felt glad that we had each other. I think having Roo has turned me into a snob :o(


Blogger Liza said...

no your not a snob just a better parent than those people.
alton towers looks fun!
where did you get your butterfly garden???? iv been looking for one since andrew got interested in butterflies and caterpillars.

4:52 AM  
Blogger Hazel said...

Hi Liza.
I got it from http://www.greengardener.co.uk/ They were really good actually because the one they sent me never arrived, so they sent another one out no questions asked. It was the cheapest one around too. They've got a ladybird one I'd like too. Can't afford it ATM though :o(

Can you send me the URL of your blog?
H. xxx

8:35 AM  
Blogger Liza said...

thanks hazel iv ordered some now.
its http://me-and-my-boy.blogspot.com/

9:20 AM  

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