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Monday, June 19, 2006

Change of plan and a weekend in pictures.

We were supposed to be going camping today but unfortunately our friends got ill so we've had a change of plan. Hope they get better soon. Seeing as though Colin had booked three days off anyway we decided to go to Bridlington today. First other news from the weekend...

On Saturday we made some fairy furniture from the toymaker website I linked to the other day. Roo took this photo: We also went into town to get Colin's Father's day present. Pipe and slippers (well, not really the pipe!) We then went strawberry picking and picked way too many as usual ;o) They're absolutely gorgeous though! Yum.

On Sunday we went to Romy's home ed friend Joseph's ninth birthday party. We went to a play area first and I actually had two goes on one of those giant wavy slides ;o))))) I squealed like a little kid I tell you. I must have been about Romy's age the last time I went on one of those! After the scrummy vegan chocolate birthday cake......

......we all trooped off to a nearby park for a lovely picnic that Christine had prepared for us. Once again it was all vegan and scrummy. Romy was too busy playing to eat as usual so was really hungry later. She ran off and started playing with three girls who just happened to be in the park at the same time. We had to prise her away eventually as we had to go and visit Colin's Nan. From there it was on to Colin's dad's to give him his Father's day card and present and then on to mine. I gave Robert a big card with a cardboard medal on that says "World's best Dad" and a giant mug that holds three-and-a-half normal mugs of tea, lol.

We saw this tent while we were on our travels this weekend. Romy thought it was utterly fab!
And here's a random picture of her dressed as a witch (!?) on Saturday evening when we were cleaning her pool cover.
Here are some photo's from our trip to Bridlington today. We surprised Romy by taking her to John Bull's rock factory. The entrance fees were extremely reasonable - £1.50 for adults and £1.00 for kids. There were free samples to try while watching the amazing process of the rock making. I don't know how they do it with people staring at them all the time. Mind you, I suppose there's no slacking, lol. Romy got to make a stick of rock with her initial in it. Here she is trying to roll it (it was extremely hard!)
In the next room we were unnaturally amused by a conveyor-belt that weighed bars of coconut-ice as they went along and shoved them off if they didn't weigh enough. We soon worked out that the magic weight was 115g. Even those that weighed 114.9g were thrown off. Over half of the flippin' things seemed to be too light. We wondered what happened to them and also to the end bits of all the rock. We soon found out as we entered...THE SHOP!!! Roo has her rock she made but Colin has a bag of end bits that weighs a ton!! When he'll ever eat them is beyond me. Rock anyone???
Here's Roo at the beach having written her name in the sand:
And then a message for me... aaahh!
Colin and I were on the promenade for this shot. Roo seemed miles down.
And back home we broke open the rock to find the 'R'. Ignore the stray birthday card in the background. It was a belated one :o)


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Glad were not the only ones enjoying cake! Rock looks amazing :)

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