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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Feelin' hot hot hot!

Phew! What a scorcher of a weekend it's been :o( Too hot for me I'm afraid. Especially as we had to be out in it all Sunday without reprieve.

Can't remember much that we got up to on Saturday apart from feeling extremely frustrated at taekwondo as they did last minute practicing for the Gala the next day. More about that later. Oh and we also went to the French Market in town. Ah yes, it's all coming back to me now. It was the England match wasn't it? So we went out for the afternoon thinking everywhere would be deserted. Unfortunately every other woman seemed to have the same idea as me and was trying on clothes at Tesco's. Boo! Never mind. The roads were quite empty and we were spoilt for choice for parking spaces in town. Annoyingly though even Evan's had the match blaring out of the radio. Don't they realise that we're coming out to get away from flippin' football?!

Romy made some yummy(!!) potions later on. BTW, that's tissue she's holding up with chopsticks :-O

Sunday morning we were up bright (not) and early for the gala. We picked our friends children up: M and R as we had two spare free tickets. Before Romy's taekwondo demo she had time to go on the free trampolines and bouncy castle and have a general look around. We had a go on a few charity tombolas and Roo bought herself a crystal from a stall run by the people I did my Indian Head Massage with. So it was nice to see them again.

This is the first year we've been to the gala when it hasn't rained. In fact it was quite the opposite: unbearably hot. Romy was supposed to be doing two demo's but after the first one I decided she shouldn't be out in the sun any more. (There was no shade anywhere!) She had come out in a really bad heat rash :o(
So we dropped our friends off at Normanby Park where their Mum was with their little brother and we went home to get changed and pick Tilly up. Then we made our way to an open day at a brand new taekwondo academy very near where we live. It was very impressive and is about half the price we're paying at the moment. So we made a very impulsive decision that night to move there. We've been extremely dissatisfied with the place Colin and Romy have been at for a year. It's not just the expense (although that is extortionate) it's the whole ethos of the place. Money money money, that's all they care about. You pays ya' money, you gets ya' belts basically. Whether you're good enough or not. I won't bore you with all the details, but suffice it to say we've been waiting for somewhere else to open up with reasonable prices. And this one has better training too.

After dropping in there we went back to Normanby for a picnic with our friends who were still there. Roo had a play with R and R and we had a good old natter. When they went home we decided to go to a nearby pub for a J2O ;o) Roo played with some kids on the bouncy castle and slides and we watched huge boats go past on the Trent. Tilly barked at a jacket that someone had hung in a tree. She thought it was a dog (she's a bit blind, bless her!) Here she is cooling off in the evening shade.
Yesterday (Monday) we stayed in, out of the sun. Romy got lots of work done for her Egyptian project and other stuff:
-Used oil pastels to colour in pictures of Gods and Goddesses. Lots of blending and colour mixing to get the right shades.
-Did some spelling dot-to-dots of Egyptian words.
-Did lots of work on hieroglyphics. Learnt the alphabet and then deciphered tons of words and wrote them in English.
-Did some Egyptian maths, lol.
-Made a guinea pig play area from boxes, etc.
-Wrote a fabulously funny taekwondo book all by herself.
-Read me a book about fairies.
-Wrote a review for the book "Indie Kidd: Are we having fun yet?" that we were sent from Education Otherwise. Here's what Romy wrote:

"I really loved this book. I was excited to read it as soon as it arrived in the post. I could have read it myself but I asked Mummy to read it to me because she is good at doing the voices. It is a very funny book about a girl who tries lots of plans to cheer her friend up who's cat has died. The girl gets a new cat in the end and calls it Mrs. Mumbles even though it is a boy! I loved the illustrations. They are by Lydia Monks who also did the pictures for Princess Mirror-bell which I also love. All the pages are really interesting with lots going on. I want to get all the other Indie Kidd books as soon as possible. "

Last night we went to the new TKD place and it was great. Romy had to go down one belt to purple, but she wasn't fussed as she had thought she'd have to go down to yellow. They haven't been teaching them the forms in the righ order at the other place :o( Glad we've got out of there.

And so to today. It's been a bit of a disaster so far:
-Tilly had a fit at 4.55 am.
-Tilly had another fit at 10.15 am.
-Tilly was sick on the settee at 11.30 am :o(((
-A thrush flew into and got stuck in the conservatory and was none too pleased when I rescued it.

Let's just hope the day improves!! Roo's done lots more work this morning including beautifully writing her name in hieroglyphics. She's now having a break and circling things she'd like in the Playmobil catalogue, rofl. Tilly is exhausted from the morning's 'excitements' and is asleep whilst the guinea pigs play around her (this is unheard of!) Back to Brownies tonight and it's 'show and tell' apparently. Better think of something to take. We've only had two weeks to think, lol.


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