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Friday, June 02, 2006

Half term play days.

What a fantastic few days Romy has had with her friends: On Wednesday we went round to Abigail's. They had loads of fun in the garden making potions and perfumes from flower petals and playing on the swing and slide. On Thursday Romy's home ed' friend Joseph came to play. We took the bus to the train station to meet him and his Mum then we all went to the museum as it is practically next door. Romy is developing a new obsession (er, interest) with animal Gods and Goddesses. She's not that bothered about the rest of ancient Egypt, but the Deities fascinate her. She showed us all round the exhibition (this is her third time now!) And I was amazed at how knowledgeable she is about it all. As we were waiting for the train to arrive she was telling me all the names of the Goddesses and Gods and what they were Gods of. She's announced that she wants to do a project which will include her inventing lots of new Deities and writing about them. So...... Monday is reserved for tying up all the loose ends on the Wizard of Oz project so that she can start the new one on Tuesday. I love how things suddenly spark her imagination and we can just run with it wherever she wants to go :o) We'll never be short of subjects to learn about because Romy finds so many things utterly fascinating.

Anyhoo, got a bit sidetracked there. Roo and Joseph had a grand time at the museum. I took a photo of them in an Anderson shelter but it came out too dark :o( Romy was scared of the bomb noises and I had a sudden awful thought about all the mothers in the world now and in the past who really have had to try in vain protect their children from bombs. Felt incredibly humble and priviledged and squeezed Romy extra tight.

We met another girl called Romy right there at the museum. How weird! I wasn't best pleased as I like to think Roo's one of a kind, rofl ;o)

We came home to a nice vegan lunch (they're vegan too) and Roo and Joseph set about playing with the guinea pigs, making badges, getting filthy in the garden and goodness knows what else. They played really nicely together, it made me feel so proud of Romy. She can get on with anyone: girl or boy, any age at all. Some kids are gifted academically and my girl's no thickie but socially she really shines and I'm proud :o) I was nowhere near as confident as her at her age (I still am not) so I don't know who she takes after. When we saw them off at the train station Romy and Joseph were blowing kisses to each other. Bless. I have a gorgeous photo of them on the settee holding a piggie each, but Blogger won't let me put piccies up today for some reason :o(

Today (well yesterday as I'm writing this at 1am!) Emily came over for the afternoon. Again I have a lovely picture of them in the garden, but alas! 'tis not to be. Maybe tomorrow the damn thing will work. Anyway, they had a great time getting covered in mud (again - what is it with Romy and mud?) The three of us had a gander at some cool places on Google Earth. The rest of the afternoon was taken up with mystery games in the garden and the bedroom. I kept out of it :o) Oh, and raiding the fridge as usual!

Back to some serious work on Monday then. Bring it on!


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