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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Mum!

It's my Mum's birthday today. What a lovely day to be born on too :o)
Happy Birthday Mum. We Love You!!!!
We went over this afternoon to give her her cards and presents. Romy made her a lovely decoupage kitten card with millions of kisses on it. She also bought her some Body Shop satsuma body butter. Mum was thrilled with it but joked that she'd be followed by bees, lol. I bought her The Thorn Birds DVD as she used to love that when it was on years ago. I also had the mad idea to get all us 'kids' to write lots of little notes saying why we love her. Romy and I decorated a box to put them all in and I spent a fortune ringing/texting my siblings trying to co-ordinate things. Unfortunately not everyone was as enthusiastic as me about it, so I didn't quite manage to get notes from everyone, but I think she was pleased with it anyway.

Other random stuff we've been up to:
-Colin and Romy spent a looooong time tidying Roo's room as (fanfare) she is having her first sleepover on Friday! How excited can one child get???
-Went for a play at Normanby park.
-At Brownies a lady from the Cats Protection League came to give them a talk which went down extremely well.
-Romy has done lots of writing in her diary with invisible ink. It only shows up when you shine an ultra-violet light on it.
-We drew faces on each other's knees in bed last night just because ;o) And also played Cluedo.
-Did some maths: Playing shops, adding totals and giving change with real money.
-Read yet more Worst Witch books!
-Romy sat with Colin and did reams of work this morning on Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. Roo drew each deity and Colin read out their name, what they were God of and when they were worshipped from and to. Romy wrote all the information next to each picture. She also learnt about the meaning of B.C and A.D.
-I finally finished my Aromatherapy exam!!!!!!! *Does celebratory dance in chair* Am I glad to see the back of that!
-Romy drew lots of pictures of Mildred Hubble from the Worst Witch books.
-We cracked open a geode rock that Romy bought the other day from Bridlington. I had a moment of doubt when I thought we'd probably have picked one of the 10% of stones with no crystal formation inside, but no, we were lucky! Here's the result. Ignore the felt-tip on the thumb (from doing Nana's card, lol.):


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