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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

More Mummies and Brownie Badges.

Here are the photo's Blogger wouldn't upload the other day. Don't know what's wrong with the bleedin' thing! Romy (in the denim jacket) is at the museum archaeology club learning how to wrap a Mummy :o)

Today, as part of her Egypt project Romy has been creating step-by-step instructions for the mummification process and illustrating it. Yuck! We've also been looking at the pyramids on Google Earth. Amazing! We got sidetracked after that and started looking at loads of other places/landmarks too including the Statue of Liberty. Roo's also done some Cartouches for her project and learnt some more about hieroglyphics. Oh, and designed a front cover too.

In other work, we've done lots of flow charts, tally charts, pictograms and making junk models. Romy has also been reading to herself a lot (as well as me reading the last Worst Witch book to her.) She also updated her guinea pig blog.

At Taekwondo Romy has been board-breaking using a hammer fist technique and tonight she did loads of self-defence. Colin beat the teacher at rag-sparring (where they have to try and grab a rag from each other's belt) about six times ;o)

Yesterday Romy came out of Brownies as pleased as punch with her first ever Brownie badge! A "friend to animals" badge. She was really proud :o) Just got to buy a sash to sew them onto now, lol.

While Roo was out at Brownies Colin and I went to Brigg to pick up some hay bales that someone had advertised on Freecycle. They'd used them as extra seating at a wedding. Just right for our house full of guinea pigs! It'll take them a while to get through all this...

We've also made Colin a birthday cake as we won't have time tomorrow because we're off to Alton Towers!!! Yey!! All three of us can go for the price of one (which is quite expensive enough, thank you) because we have a BOGOF ticket and a ticket we bought using Tesco vouchers. Complete bargain that was, over at Clubcard Deals. We've been wanting to go for ages but couldn't afford it. Can't really afford to go now really, but can't pass up this offer really. It's a birthday treat for Colin anyway ;o) Can't wait to go on the new Charlie and the chocolate factory ride!


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