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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Not much sleep at the sleepover!

Well, Romy's first sleepover went exceedingly well. Much better than I could have hoped for anyway. Abi came straight round after their swimming lesson and I plonked them both in the bath. They had a bit of a play before I washed their hair and put them into matching plaits ;o) At home Abi would have been going straight to bed then, but not here...

First we went to the turf maze and much fun was had running around 'sans dog' (Abi is scared of dogs, so Tilly had to stay at home.)

We didn't stay long as we wanted to take the girls to a pub near the river before the sun went down. Romy kept saying to Abi "Would you be in bed by now?" and "Would you be fast asleep by now?" ROFL. We spent a lovely hour or so in the pub garden watching the most gorgeous sunset:

The girls had lots of fun on the bouncy castle, on the slides and rolling down the hills. There was a lovely moment when Abi came up to me and said "Thank you so much for bringing us here Hazel. I'm having so much fun. I thought we might just go to a park or something." Bless. We often go there in the evenings, so it was lovely to see it from someone elses point of view (who has to be up for school in the mornings, lol.) But this was Friday night, so it was time for fun!

When the sun finally went down at gone 10 o'clock we set off for home. The girls went off into Roo's bedroom to make Hama things while Colin and I watched Big Brother that we'd taped.
Later on - still not flagging - they had the obligatory midnight feast and got into their pyjamas and brushed their teeth. I read them a chapter from "The Worst Witch All at Sea" and then they read to themselves for a bit.

They finally got to sleep at 2am!!! This was after saying they wanted to get up and have breakfast because they weren't tired. Then suddenly *zonk* they were out ;o) Phew! Of course then it took me ages to get to sleep 'cos I was thinking they'd wake up again. Doh!

If you'd gone to sleep at 2am what time would you be up in the morning (Saturday remember.) 10 o'clock? 11 o'clock? Try 8 o'clock!! Hmmm.... Carrying on with my saintly Mummy routine I served them toast and 'champagne' (lemonade!) with strawberries floating in it and then they went off to play whilst I ironed their Hama creations.

It can't have been 'alf bad because Abi wanted to stay for the rest of the weekend and kept asking when she could come back! Oh dear. I think I've started something now ;o)

So, briefly here's the rest of the stuff we've been up to since I last posted:
-I bought some tickets for Roo and I to see Keane in Hull in October. Woo hoo!
-We stumbled upon this hilarious website which was advertised on another site we were on. We weren't really looking for bird nappies - honest guv!
-We started learning some French using a children's French/English dictionary and a CD Rom.
-Read lots more Worst Witch (how many of those books are there?) and Indie Kidd.
-Romy made some Victorian toys using bits and bobs; a hoop and stick (which she was most successful in learning how to do) a conker on a string, and a wooden sword.
-We forgot our nephew's first birthday party, so had to make a mad dash over afterwards to drop off his card and present. Ooops!
-Roo did lots of English/spelling. And learnt to use the Yellow Pages and phone book.
-We found what appeared to be a blood bath in the guinea pig's cage. After searching each pig for injuries we found it was Willow's foot. He must've either been bitten by another pig or caught his foot in the cage. I'm suspecting the former as there's a LOT of fighting going on at the moment :o(
-Romy made me a lovely fruit basket as a surprise after hearing me say to my Mum that I'd never had one. (She had one for her birthday last week.)

-Romy's paddling pool water has gone green! We've found out that we need to buy chlorine to put in to keep it clear. It costs a fortune. Boo!
-Roo went to Archaeology club with Colin yesterday and they had a go at making a life-sized Mummy! There was a foam person and the kids all had a job to do each, starting with opening up the velcro stomach and removing the internal organs. Ewww! Romy was number 19 and had to add the mirror so that the deceased could do their hair in the afterlife or something, lol. Romy had also drawn a picture of Anubis and Bastet for the ladies who run the club :o) I have a couple of pics of the mummification process but Blogger won't let me put any more pics up at the moment (probably thinks I've put enough up already, rofl.)
-Went to a BBQ at my Mum's today. My poor sis' has a tooth abcess so her face was really swollen :o(


Blogger lucy said...

Wow that all sounds so much fun - I'm not surprised the little girl wants to come back - I want to come over for a sleepover!!

1:31 AM  
Blogger Hazel said...

Lol ;o) You're welcome any time.

3:40 AM  
Blogger Em said...

ROFL @ bird-diapers that is soooooooooo funny

1:06 PM  

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