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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Scorching Saturday & Showery Sunday.

Had a fantastic weekend: On Saturday after XMA we nipped into town for a bit to get some stuff from the health food shop for a BBQ on Sunday. Roo bought herself a vegan ice-cream cone with her money and I nearly fainted when I paid for the vegan hot dog sausages - £3.55!!!!!

Back home we sat in the garden for a bit in the sun. Roo and Colin decided to take the old washing machine to pieces so that Roo could see all the components. She was fascinated. Kept coming in and showing me each piece ;o) She couldn't part with the circuit board when Colin took the rest to the tip/re-cycle place so that's been kept to be played with!

The guinea pigs had half an hour outside too, and made an interesting rectangular bald patch on the overgrown lawn! (Mind you, at least they ate a few dandelions.) Romy has written about it on her blog.

Had a bit of a wobbly moment later on. I've started letting Romy play out the front, which some people might think is about time. After all, she is seven now. Anyway, she came back in to say that she was playing with some kids a few doors up. I must admit that my pre-judgemental head popped on for a while. I was none too pleased as I know which house these kids come from: one of those "Life of Grime" type houses where the junk is spilling out into the road. The kids are being dragged up and even the baby is out playing in the road :o( Suffice it to say that I swallowed down my concerns (hard) and said "Oh, that's nice sweetheart." Two minutes later she came in asking for ice-lollies for all of them. Okaaaay... I didn't mind that actually as Roo never eats them, so the ones in the freezer have been there for ages. So off she trotted. Next she came in and said that some older girl had asked her to ask me for money so that they could go to the shop and get chocolate. Grrrr!!! Poor Romy, she didn't much like what I had to say about that! Back she trots five minutes later "Mummy, can I get them all a milkshake each?" OMG! No, our soya milkshakes cost 47p each for a start and there were about eight kids out there, but that's not the point. She was a bit upset when she came in so we had a heart-to-heart. I explained to her that I just didn't want her to get pushed around by a group of kids and that it was rude of them to keep asking for things. I tried to covey my feelings about how hard I find it to let her go and allow her to grow up. She was very understanding and we had a big hug and I squeezed her extra hard as I realised that I couldn't and shouldn't choose her friends for her. I'm glad/sad to say that I felt the metaphorical 'ping' of a loosening apron string. *sniff* Later on we had a snuggle and started reading "What Katy Did." It felt even snugglier than usual :o)

Yesterday we went over to Nottingham to visit my li'l bro' and his GF in their new house. And lovely it is too. We got the guided tour before the rest of the family arrived and then we all had a BBQ in the showery rain ;o) I wanted to put a couple of pics of the BBQ but after allowing me to put the above photo's up Blogger has now decided that's enough :o(


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