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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Dog training!

Damn, I wish I had the camera! It's in the glove box and Colin is out. Romy has set up the most amazing dog agility course in the garden and, bless her, she's managed to get Tilly doing it all. There are jumps, weaving sticks and even a tunnel :o) I'm really proud of them both. Roo is on the phone at the moment talking to my Mum about it and the programme they both watched earlier "Britain's Top Dog" or something. My Mum used to do dog training when I was a kid. Romy's after teaching Tilly to skip now, rofl.

Quick update of what we've been up to over the past few days...
-Watched some video of Romy as a baby *sniff*
-Roo and I watched the thunder storm at 4am the other day.
-Roo has played Oz lots!!
-Went to the library and Roo took her first book back to review for the reading mission. Also got more books out.
-Went to town and Roo bought the other Clarice Bean book with her money. "Clarice Bean Spells Trouble." I'm reading it to her in bed and I can honestly say it's the best kid's book I've ever read. I find Lauren Child a breath of fresh air. I love the odd language she uses; just like a real kid. I could read it all day :o)
-Romy did a gorgeous painting of the Oz characters in acrylics on a proper canvas. An art shop in town is closing down so Colin got one for each of us for a pound. Anyway, I was really proud of Roo's effort.
-We bumped into old friends in Asda. Romy used to go to gymnastics with a girl called Emily and we saw her and her Mum. She had hardly changed even though she was four last time I saw them!
-We've been fascinated by the amount of butterflies on the budlia in our front garden. There are literally hundreds at a time on there!
-Roo spent a long time drawing some very life-like lion cubs from an "I can draw wild animals" book.
-Swimming still didn't have a 75m badge to give to Roo :o(
-Yesterday we went to Barton on Humber Gala as Roo and Colin had to do a TKD demonstration. I was really proud of them both :o) I was knackered and hot and tired by the end of it though and just wanted to go home :o(
-Helped my lil' sis' with doing a CV and covering letter.
-Having a mad tidy up today ready for midwife coming on Tuesday. Details on pregnancy blog.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Look what came in the post today!! (Mark II)

Another lovely surprise in the post today: a signed photograph and letter from Tamsin Greig!! We wrote her a letter because we love her in Green Wing and Black Books. A few months ago Romy was supposed to be doing her work and called me over to look at her doing an impression of Tamsin as Caroline in Green Wing when she gets a pen lid stuck up her nose (as shown here.) Anyway, here's the letter we sent:

4 July 2006

Dear Tamsin.
My name is Romy. I am seven years old. My Mummy and I both like you very much. We especially love your character Caroline on Green Wing. I hope she and Mac have a happy ending. Don’t worry, my Mummy turns it over when the rude bits are on! We also love watching you as Fran on Black books. I am allowed to watch all that because it isn’t as rude as Green Wing :o)

Here is a photograph of me doing an impression of Caroline with a pen top up my nose. I was supposed to be doing my work (I’m home educated) but I thought this was funny. So did Mummy :

We would be very happy if you could send us a signed photograph.
Thank you very much.Lots of love from Romy and Hazel. xxxxx

Here's the photo we received... (note the pen lid drawn on, rofl!!!!)

Not only that she wrote us this lovely letter. It says:

"Dear Romy and Hazel. Thankyou for your lovely letter. I'm glad you enjoy the funny (not rude) bits of Green Wing. I am VERY WORRIED by that picture with your pen top up your nose! When I filmed that scene, the pen top was CUT IN HALF so it would fit. Please take it out! You'll have a nasty accident!

Black Books was great fun too. Please don't copy Fran. I can't bear the thought of you smoking, drinking and swearing...

Lots of love, Tamsin Greig."

How fab is that??? I'm way more excited by it than is proper for a 32 year old ;o)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Once more to the Land of Oz...

On Monday night our friend Denise very kindly took Romy to see a production of The Wizard of Oz at Lincoln Castle. It was a wonderful belated birthday present and Roo had an absulute ball. She hasn't stopped talking about it (or removed her Dorothy dress) since ;o)

We met Denise and Katie outside the castle at 6.30pm and had a chat before they went in. Colin, Tilly and I then went off whilst they went in for their pre-show picnic. We went for a lovely walk around the cathedral and the city centre and went to Pizza Hut for a vegan pizza. The show finished at 10pm so we went back to wait outside at around 9.30. The castle and cathedral looked absolutely stunning lit up by floodlights. Denise has kindly sent me some photos of the evening.

Katie and Romy having their picture taken with the cast (note the real Toto!)

Pre-show munching of pink wafers :o)

Saying goodbye.
Romy was most chuffed that the 'lion' mentioned how nice her Dorothy dress was. The ruby slippers I'd made with glitter glue for her birthday had finally given up the ghost so Colin secretly nipped into town at lunchtime on Monday from work and found some nice sequiny red slip-on ones for £5. They're just right and Roo was so happy when she saw them. She thought she'd have to go in tatty 'falling to pieces' ones, lol.

Yesterday we went to the park with Theresa, Abigail and Thomas. Roo and Abi had a fab play even though it was boiling hot. Theresa had a time of it chasing after Thomas. He's not even two yet but he was up the climbing frame like a whippet and at one point ran out of the park waving 'bye'. Rofl. I sat on the bench laughing until Theresa wiped the smile off my face by saying that that will be me soon :-O When we all got too hot we went back to their house for a bit.

At TKD last night Romy earnt her first two tips on her belt. You don't get them automatically every month like at the last place. You have to earn them. There are five different coloured ones. Romy got her fitness one and her sparring/self-defence one. It's way too hot for me there at the moment so Colin has taken her tonight. She'll be back soon and then he can go back for his lesson.

This afternoon Emily has been round to play. They sat in the garden for ages making poisonous potions for princesses to drink (?!) Oh, and let's just say Romy has a lot of tidying up to do in her bedroom again ;o) While they were playing I had a bit of a self-indulgent and premature look at pushchairs and such like on the internet.

Found this linked to over at Kris's blog: 33 things your kid should do before they're ten. I've put a star next to the ones Roo has already done. We'll make a point of doing the others this summer I think!

1. Roll on your side down a grassy bank*

2. Make a mud pie

3. Make your own modelling dough mixture

4. Collect frogspawn* (Well, if tadpoles count!)

5. Make perfume from flower petals

6. Grow cress on a windowsill*

7. Make a papier mâché mask

8. Build a sandcastle*

9. Climb a tree*

10. Make a den in the garden

11. Make a painting using your hands and feet*

12. Organise your own teddy bears' picnic*

13. Have your face painted*

14. Play with a friend in the sand*

15. Make some bread*

16. Make snow angels*

17. Create a clay sculpture*

18. Take part in a scavenger hunt*

19. Camp out in the garden

20. Bake a cake*

21. Feed a farm animal*

22. Pick some strawberries*

23. Play pooh sticks*

24. Recognise five different bird species*

25. Find some worms*

26. Ride a bike through a muddy puddle

27. Make and fly a kite

28. Plant a tree*

29. Build a nest out of grass and twigs

30. Find ten different leaves in the park*

31. Grow vegetables*

32. Make breakfast in bed for your parents*

33. Make a mini assault course in your garden/the park

Sunday, July 23, 2006

More swimming badges! :o)))

At Romy's swimming lesson on Friday night Theresa and I were having a good old chinwag when we realised that both Romy and Abigail's class were doing length after length of the pool. Normally they do a couple of lengths and then lots of jumping in and 'rescuing' bricks etc. Anyway, they both came out beaming from ear to ear. Abigail had got her Dolphin 3 badge and Romy had got her 50 and 75 metre badges :o))) I was really proud of Roo as she's very good at all the jumping in/holding her breath under water stuff but she's not really into the swimming long distances stuff. She really proved to herself that she can do it when she tries!

After a bath and hair wash we headed out to the 'Picnic in the Park' event at Normanby Park. Unfortunately though the road was closed and they were filled to capacity and weren't letting any more people in. Roo was disappointed but we took our picnic home and had it there instead.

On Saturday morning we got up unfeasably early and dragged our sorry arses to a car boot sale up the road. Hilariously in half an hour's mad scramble we managed to get enough stuff to sell. That was without even looking properly! Just shows you how much crap is lying around our house :o( We only managed to make about £25 but that bought us some food to carry us through until Colin gets paid on Tuesday. We need to have a proper BIG sort out and go off to a much bigger car boot to make some proper money. We only managed to get the £25 because Colin let some of his (boxed) Myth and Magic ornaments go for pittance (six for £18.) Without them it wouldn't have been worth getting out of bed!

Ooh, and then came the lovely, lovely rain! Now I'm no big fan of rain per se, but after so many days of scorching heat I could've kissed it ;o) We went out to town in it and it was lovely. Took Romy to the library and she signed up for the Reading Mission. The first book she chose was this one.
We also got three others from the set to read and also a new Indie Kidd one Roo saw on the New Books shelf.

When we came home, We read some of the books and also some baby development ones I'd got for Roo and then she played out in the rain (after the thunder had stopped!) until around 10pm :o)

Today we've been round at my Mum's for lunch. Bless her, she bought me a big fan! I've been so hot (and complainy!!!) People will be much happier to be around me now that I can be cool. Thanks Mum :o) My sis also bought me a bottle of PJ dragonfruit smoothie. Gosh I am being spoiled!

Off to have a quick bath now before Colin goes out, then it's Girl's Night In. Yay, we have chocolate and books!

Oh yes, and I've updated my preggie bloggie.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Summer holidays - Yay!!!!

Today we're 'breaking up' for the summer holidays. Not a moment too soon really, as we've kinda run out of steam over the past week or so. I think we both need a few weeks off to re-group ourselves and get stuff sorted for a new start in September. I've got mountains of work to sift through before then, but for the moment it's going to go in the spare room to clear the dining table (and my head) for a while at least! We've decided that we'll carry on with the mental maths book until it's finished, read lots of books and finish the illustrators project over the summer. Sounds like enough to be getting on with to stop our brains going mushy. Other than that we'll play, listen to music, go out with friends, etc.

This week we found an old chemistry set of my Sister's. We did the first experiment about soluble and insoluble matter. There were lots of lovely test tubes of interesting coloured chemicals, so we tried most of them and also a few household items such as salt, sugar and vegetable oil. Roo had no trouble predicting which would dissolve and which wouldn't. She then wrote the results in a table.

Later on I found Romy doing the last of her butterfly work in Tilly's bed! She'd taken her manky bedding out and put a blanket in. As you can see from the picture Tilly wasn't going to miss out, so got right in there with her, rofl:

Human biology next; we've been looking at lots of websites about baby development in the womb. Romy's found it utterly fascinating. She keeps asking me how big the baby is now "er, still the size of an apple pip" lol. We've also read through a human body book for kids and learnt about all the systems of the body.

We found a "First 1000 Words in French" book and had loads of fun looking through it and comparing the French words with the English ones. More often that not, as Romy noted, the word is either the same or comes froom a word that's similar.

We've been reading an awful lot this week too. Roo found the sequel to Oz that I got her from eBay for her birthday so we've been reading that. It's a bit odd, but then so was the original! Romy is loving it anyway :o) She certainly hasn't lost her obsession with Oz yet! I read her "Utterly Me: Clarice Bean" by Lauren Child too. We've had it for a couple of years but when I tried to read it to her then she wasn't interested. I've been itching to read it ever since as I LOVE Lauren Child books. Anyway, Roo absolutely loved it with a passion and we have to get the next one from the library which is this.

In other work, Roo has been doing lots of spelling, mental arithematic, logic problems and these mosaic and Hanje puzzles of mine. She's also updated her blog.

On Tuesday Roo went round to Emily's for the afternoon to play in her paddling pool. Then on Thursday she went with Emily to her Drama club end-of-term party. She had a lovely time and they played lots of games and had fun.

Oh, I got a nice surprise in the post too: my Aromatherapy diploma certificate :o) And that's not all! I actually got an A!!!!!!!!!! Am so pleased with meself, lol.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Celebrations and fireworks!

Wow! What an eventful weekend. Have a shufties at my new blog to see why. Then come back for the rest of the news :o) I'll wait....

...Are you back? Good. Then I'll carry on :o)

We've spent the last few days in a bit of a hazy whirl really, so not much 'school' work has been done. Thank God(dess) it's the summer holidays soon ;o) Romy's butterflies hatched on Friday and we released them all apart from a disabled one :o( She has poorly wings and can't fly. She's living happily in the butterfly garden eating rotten bananas, sugar water and budlia flowers though so she's not having too bad a life :o) Here's Roo releasing the 'able winged' ones, lol.

We had a lovely afternoon at the park on Friday with Tilly. I'd just got my positive pregnancy test, so couldn't concentrate on much! Romy had a good play and I got a couple of lovely omens about my pregnancy while I was there: I found a little silver Tinkerbell charm and saw a yellow butterfly which has personal symbolism for me.

We did manage to do a bit of maths and spelling though :o) And Roo did lots of history at the museum on Saturday. It was National Archaeology Day or something. Colin took her and she ground some wheat using a saddle quern (whatever the flip that is!) Summat ol' fashioned eh? Roo also helped to make a miniature wattle and daub house, did some drawings, made a clay thumb pot and dissected some 'poo' (Don't worry, it was made of clay!) She had to chisel it and find the bits of grain and stuff inside and then match it up with ancient people's menu's to see whether the poo-er was Egyptian, etc.

While they were there for a couple of hours I had a LOVELY wander around town. I had Keane on my ipod and I was on cloud nine. Couldn't help looking at baba stuff even though I had no money (and don't really need anything anyway as I still have everything in the attic from Roo.)

Tilly got bitten on the nose by a guinea pig, rofl. Well it serves her right really. Mind you, it didn't half bleed! Poor thing. She's fine now :o)

Last night we went to a fireworks display on the Humber Bridge for the silver jubilee of its opening. WOW!!!!! is all I can say. It was absolutely magical. The sort of thing we'll all remember for the rest of our lives. Romy had such a fantastic time. If I find a picture I'll scan it.

I'll also add some pics of Roo at the archaeology day tomorrow. It won't let me do it today. Bah!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Fully fledged Brownie/Sad news.

Colin and I went to see Romy doing her Brownie promise last night. It was lovely. She did really well. She's now a real Brownie - just in time for the Summer holidays! They don't go back now until mid September. Anyway, she looks gorgeous with all her badges on her sash. I tried to photograph the moment but the batteries failed in the sodding camera :o(

While Roo was at Brownies Colin cleaned the two piggy cages out and unfortunately he found Zippy dead in his little house :o((((( He wasn't even fully grown yet. We haven't a clue what happened. He was absolutely perfect apart from some blood coming out of his nose. Poor thing. I must admit my initial thoughts were about having to tell Romy when we picked her up though. She was so happy after doing her Brownie promise and then I had to go and tell her that.

We had a lovely evening on Monday at our friend Denise's house. She and her children had a fundraising event for whales and dolphins. We bought some lovely books and Romy entered a couple of competitions and had a good play with Katie.

On the work front Roo has sewn a lovely bag for herself using the tie-dyed fabric we did the other day. Again, no pic because of the camera batteries. We've finished the Egyptian project. Wahey!! It's not as in-depth as it could have been but Roo is happy with it. We've also read lots in the garden and also done some mental maths out there (from a book I forgot we still had of Emily's - sorry, will give it back soon!)

Finally Romy has updated her blog about Zippy.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Cuteness overload!!!!

OMG, you have to go to this blog and look at all the categories of photographs. You've never seen such a collection of cuteness in all your life :o)))))

Just a quickie.

Can't be bothered writing lots tonight. So here's what we've been up to over the past few days:

-Took Roo to see a JOPSOX (Junior Operatic Society) performance of The Wizard of Oz on Thursday night at the local college. She was absolutely entranced by it. It was fantastic.
-We tie-dyed some fabric, but forgot to buy dye fixative, so most of the colour has come out :o(
-The caterpillars turned into chrysalides after only eight days!!! Now I know as well as the next eejit that caterpillars turn into butterflies, but to actually watch it with one's own eyes: amazing! They crawl up to the top of the container when they're nice and fat and then hang by their back legs. One minute they're upside-down caterpillars and the next they've mutated into a chrysalis. It's so quick and odd. We've hung them in the pop-up butterfly garden thingy and we've to wait about a week for the butterflies to emerge. Can't wait. I think I'm finding it more fascinating than Roo, lol ;o)
-We've been reading loads and loads. I've finished the following books from the library over the past week or two, all of which were top notch: The Time Traveller's Wife, Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction, Watermelon, Anybody Out There? Marian Keyes is fantastic. I especially loved Watermelon as it made me laugh out loud. I've been reading Adrian Mole since the first book, so the new one was a real treat. With Roo I've been reading more Milly Molly Mandy which is utterly charming and old-fashioned. Colin is still reading her The Hobbit. Roo has been reading to herself a lot lately too, which is lovely.
-We did lots more work outside on Thursday. I gave Roo a list of random spellings and mental arithematic. She really enjoyed doing that and did really well too.
-Emily came to play on Friday afternoon. The girls had a fab time making potions in the garden (one dressed as a princess and one as a witch. But of course!) I too had a fab time, as I lounged on the settee finishing my book before it had to go back to the library.
-Talking of libraries; we went yesterday to take my books back and somehow about ten more jumped into my grubby mits. Dunno how that happened, lol. Romy got a leaflet about this year's summer reading scheme The Reading Mission. It starts soon. She loves doing that each summer so we'll definitely be signing up for it.
-We've written lots in our grattitude journal.
-Roo has practiced her Brownie promise for Tuesday. She knows it upside-down and inside-out now. She's still nervous as they all have to stand up and say it by themselves. She'll be reet. Parents can come and watch too, so I'd better take some hankies, rofl.
-Colin and Roo have been excavating all the triffids (ok then, weeds) from the back garden and driveway.
-Yesterday we went to the open surgery at the vets and we had a TWO HOUR wait for a ten second injection for Toby the piggy!!! Blimey. It's the second of three at weekly intervals so we made sure we made an appointment for the next one.
-We've been henna-ing ourselves. I did our palms and then Roo went mad on our feet! Only another four weeks or so until it comes off then ;o) Have a pic of our palms but stupid Blogger won't let me put it up. Aargh!!

Just a daft thing to end on. Saw it at Lucy's blog :o)
Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me with
Hazel's Syndrome
Cause:the wrong type of snow
Symptoms:mild lack of reflection in mirrors, shouting, anxiety, scaly skin
Cure:drink lots of water
Enter your name, for your own diagnosis:

Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me with
Romy's Disease
Cause:secret military experiments
Symptoms:extreme drowsiness, coughing up blood, mild blisters
Enter your name, for your own diagnosis:

Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me with
Colin's Lurgy
Cause:computer virus
Symptoms:premature greying, vague hair growth, glowing
Cure:don't do it again
Enter your name, for your own diagnosis:

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Ooh, get me!

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You are a GRAMMAR GOD!

Congratulations! If your mission in life is not already to preserve the English tongue, it should be. You can smell a grammatical inaccuracy from fifty yards. Your speech is revered by the underlings, though some may blaspheme and call you a snob. They're just jealous. Go out there and change the world.
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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Stuffy classroom or comfy chair in the garden....

...You decide, lol. Here's Roo doing her work today in the garden. Our neighbour popped her head over the fence to say hello on her way out and said "Ooh, what a lovely way to do your school work. " :o) Oh and ignore the chocolate soya yoghurt all over her face!

Mostly Roo's been doing a set of worksheets about the butterfly garden. Some of it is way too easy for her but she's enjoying doing it. Talking of the caterpillars; they've grown sooo huge and as I type this they're starting to hang upside down ready to turn into chrysalides. (There you go, you learn something new every day. I thought the plural of chrysalis was chrysalises!) Here's a pic of Roo with one on her finger a few days ago before they got so big:

And one I've just taken (not very clear, sorry) of them hanging upside down. I can hear you all yawning from here ;op

Other news: Roo came home with her Brownie promise to learn for next week. She has to say it on her own, eek! Meanwhile I went out and parted with an extortionate £6.99 for a sodding Brownie sash to sew all her badges on. I've turned into my Mum because I just kept saying to Romy "You could make that for nothing" rofl.

Books - we've finished every Worst Witch book inexistencee and have started reading Milly Molly Mandy from the library now. It's lovely and gentle and old fashioned. Roo has a bit of a soft spot for books like that :o) In a complete paradox Colin has started reading her The Hobbit too. Well no-one can say Roo's tastes aren'teclecticc!

Tonight Romy was the only student in her class at Taekwondo, so she got some one-to-one tuition with a lovely new teacher. He was fantastic! Romy went all squishy and was putty in his hands, lol. He had her in fits of giggles throughout the whole lesson. He's going to be teaching all next week too, so that'll be good. Oh and Roo has also been picked for the demo team for a display in Barton at the end of the month.

Yesterday Roo went to play at Emily's house. She got bitten by a red ant, which I have to say I've never seen before. They had a grand time playing in the pool and selling strawberries and peas (!)

This afternoon we tried to get to grips with an art package called Dazzle that Emily lent us. I'm not quite sure of how it all works, but we had a great time messing about with it anyway. Roo has also done some more work on her Egyptian project with more on the mummification process.

I had a great idea from someone I know recently: a gratitude journal. Romy and I have made one each and every day we're writing one or more things in it that we're thankful for. Ifiguredd it'd be a way to stay positive even when things are going badly (not that they are atm.) Also we can look back on it and see all the wonderful things that have happened instead of just remembering the bad stuff. One of the daft things I was thankful for today is Tilly making us laugh running around the garden with Romy's hula hoop in her mouth. Sorry for the blurriness.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Look what came in the post today!!!!!!!!!

Woo hoo!!! What a lovely postal delivery we got this morning. Not only were there no bills, but there was this....

A signed photograph from our favourite "Dr." Dr. 'Mac' McCartney from Green Wing (Julian Rhind-Tutt.) Romy and I sent him a letter with a photo of Mac our guinea pig on it - his namesake :o) Bless him, he also wrote this on the back of the picture:

Ooh, that's made my day :o))) *Swoons*

Monday, July 03, 2006

Tagged by Kris :o)

5 things in my refrigerator:
Withering bag of spinach
A vegan chocolate Santa of Romy's (1/2 eaten)
Salad cream that no-one ever, ever eats (possibly furry by now!)
Hummous (as always)
Cucumbers (Romy eats them like they're going out of fashion :o))

5 things in my closet:
Some of clothes that are too big for me
Some of clothes that are too small for me
Romy's 'baby box' with all her momentoes in it
Several couch rolls for my therapy couch.
Loads of coat hangers (where do they all come from? They must reproduce, surely!)

5 things in my purse/handbag:
Mobile phone
Pens/several other 'Mumsy essentials' ;o)

5 things in my car:
Hay strewn all over the place (from picking up those hay bales the other day. Looks like we keep a horse in there!)
Bottles with hot water in (supposed to be cold but you could drink coffee from them when they've been in the car in this weather.)
A Yankee Candles apple flavour car freshener
A piece of carpet for Tilly to sit on
Dog hairs :o(

5 people I am tagging:
Everyone else seems to have done it!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

All day party in the park :o)

Phew! We've just come back from an all day party at Normanby park. Our friend's son R was nine today. We bought him a skater top as he's a little 'skater boi' (like his Dad!) Romy had bucketloads of fun playing football, clibing trees, etc. Us oldies had a good old natter and a picnic. As usual Roo was too busy to eat much so is really hungry now :o)

Yesterday Roo helped Colin to make some stilts. She hasn't have much luck using them yet, but half of the fun is making them isn't it?

We've also been taking advantage of the boiling hot weather by doing lots of science about melting and evaporation. Oh, and read LOTS!