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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Celebrations and fireworks!

Wow! What an eventful weekend. Have a shufties at my new blog to see why. Then come back for the rest of the news :o) I'll wait....

...Are you back? Good. Then I'll carry on :o)

We've spent the last few days in a bit of a hazy whirl really, so not much 'school' work has been done. Thank God(dess) it's the summer holidays soon ;o) Romy's butterflies hatched on Friday and we released them all apart from a disabled one :o( She has poorly wings and can't fly. She's living happily in the butterfly garden eating rotten bananas, sugar water and budlia flowers though so she's not having too bad a life :o) Here's Roo releasing the 'able winged' ones, lol.

We had a lovely afternoon at the park on Friday with Tilly. I'd just got my positive pregnancy test, so couldn't concentrate on much! Romy had a good play and I got a couple of lovely omens about my pregnancy while I was there: I found a little silver Tinkerbell charm and saw a yellow butterfly which has personal symbolism for me.

We did manage to do a bit of maths and spelling though :o) And Roo did lots of history at the museum on Saturday. It was National Archaeology Day or something. Colin took her and she ground some wheat using a saddle quern (whatever the flip that is!) Summat ol' fashioned eh? Roo also helped to make a miniature wattle and daub house, did some drawings, made a clay thumb pot and dissected some 'poo' (Don't worry, it was made of clay!) She had to chisel it and find the bits of grain and stuff inside and then match it up with ancient people's menu's to see whether the poo-er was Egyptian, etc.

While they were there for a couple of hours I had a LOVELY wander around town. I had Keane on my ipod and I was on cloud nine. Couldn't help looking at baba stuff even though I had no money (and don't really need anything anyway as I still have everything in the attic from Roo.)

Tilly got bitten on the nose by a guinea pig, rofl. Well it serves her right really. Mind you, it didn't half bleed! Poor thing. She's fine now :o)

Last night we went to a fireworks display on the Humber Bridge for the silver jubilee of its opening. WOW!!!!! is all I can say. It was absolutely magical. The sort of thing we'll all remember for the rest of our lives. Romy had such a fantastic time. If I find a picture I'll scan it.

I'll also add some pics of Roo at the archaeology day tomorrow. It won't let me do it today. Bah!!


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Blogger lucy said...

Wow - that's lovely news, you must be really excited!

1:12 AM  
Blogger Alison said...

Congratulations! Hope you're feeling well.

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Blogger Hazel said...

Thank you :o)

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Blogger 4 girls and 3 boys said...

Brilliant news.

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