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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Dog training!

Damn, I wish I had the camera! It's in the glove box and Colin is out. Romy has set up the most amazing dog agility course in the garden and, bless her, she's managed to get Tilly doing it all. There are jumps, weaving sticks and even a tunnel :o) I'm really proud of them both. Roo is on the phone at the moment talking to my Mum about it and the programme they both watched earlier "Britain's Top Dog" or something. My Mum used to do dog training when I was a kid. Romy's after teaching Tilly to skip now, rofl.

Quick update of what we've been up to over the past few days...
-Watched some video of Romy as a baby *sniff*
-Roo and I watched the thunder storm at 4am the other day.
-Roo has played Oz lots!!
-Went to the library and Roo took her first book back to review for the reading mission. Also got more books out.
-Went to town and Roo bought the other Clarice Bean book with her money. "Clarice Bean Spells Trouble." I'm reading it to her in bed and I can honestly say it's the best kid's book I've ever read. I find Lauren Child a breath of fresh air. I love the odd language she uses; just like a real kid. I could read it all day :o)
-Romy did a gorgeous painting of the Oz characters in acrylics on a proper canvas. An art shop in town is closing down so Colin got one for each of us for a pound. Anyway, I was really proud of Roo's effort.
-We bumped into old friends in Asda. Romy used to go to gymnastics with a girl called Emily and we saw her and her Mum. She had hardly changed even though she was four last time I saw them!
-We've been fascinated by the amount of butterflies on the budlia in our front garden. There are literally hundreds at a time on there!
-Roo spent a long time drawing some very life-like lion cubs from an "I can draw wild animals" book.
-Swimming still didn't have a 75m badge to give to Roo :o(
-Yesterday we went to Barton on Humber Gala as Roo and Colin had to do a TKD demonstration. I was really proud of them both :o) I was knackered and hot and tired by the end of it though and just wanted to go home :o(
-Helped my lil' sis' with doing a CV and covering letter.
-Having a mad tidy up today ready for midwife coming on Tuesday. Details on pregnancy blog.


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