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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Fully fledged Brownie/Sad news.

Colin and I went to see Romy doing her Brownie promise last night. It was lovely. She did really well. She's now a real Brownie - just in time for the Summer holidays! They don't go back now until mid September. Anyway, she looks gorgeous with all her badges on her sash. I tried to photograph the moment but the batteries failed in the sodding camera :o(

While Roo was at Brownies Colin cleaned the two piggy cages out and unfortunately he found Zippy dead in his little house :o((((( He wasn't even fully grown yet. We haven't a clue what happened. He was absolutely perfect apart from some blood coming out of his nose. Poor thing. I must admit my initial thoughts were about having to tell Romy when we picked her up though. She was so happy after doing her Brownie promise and then I had to go and tell her that.

We had a lovely evening on Monday at our friend Denise's house. She and her children had a fundraising event for whales and dolphins. We bought some lovely books and Romy entered a couple of competitions and had a good play with Katie.

On the work front Roo has sewn a lovely bag for herself using the tie-dyed fabric we did the other day. Again, no pic because of the camera batteries. We've finished the Egyptian project. Wahey!! It's not as in-depth as it could have been but Roo is happy with it. We've also read lots in the garden and also done some mental maths out there (from a book I forgot we still had of Emily's - sorry, will give it back soon!)

Finally Romy has updated her blog about Zippy.


Blogger Nikki said...

Really sorry to hear about Zippy. Poor little thing :-(( Emily sends Romy a big hug. xxxxx

9:03 AM  
Blogger Liza said...

aww poor zippy, big hugs for romy, is she very upset?XX

12:27 PM  

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