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Friday, July 28, 2006

Look what came in the post today!! (Mark II)

Another lovely surprise in the post today: a signed photograph and letter from Tamsin Greig!! We wrote her a letter because we love her in Green Wing and Black Books. A few months ago Romy was supposed to be doing her work and called me over to look at her doing an impression of Tamsin as Caroline in Green Wing when she gets a pen lid stuck up her nose (as shown here.) Anyway, here's the letter we sent:

4 July 2006

Dear Tamsin.
My name is Romy. I am seven years old. My Mummy and I both like you very much. We especially love your character Caroline on Green Wing. I hope she and Mac have a happy ending. Don’t worry, my Mummy turns it over when the rude bits are on! We also love watching you as Fran on Black books. I am allowed to watch all that because it isn’t as rude as Green Wing :o)

Here is a photograph of me doing an impression of Caroline with a pen top up my nose. I was supposed to be doing my work (I’m home educated) but I thought this was funny. So did Mummy :

We would be very happy if you could send us a signed photograph.
Thank you very much.Lots of love from Romy and Hazel. xxxxx

Here's the photo we received... (note the pen lid drawn on, rofl!!!!)

Not only that she wrote us this lovely letter. It says:

"Dear Romy and Hazel. Thankyou for your lovely letter. I'm glad you enjoy the funny (not rude) bits of Green Wing. I am VERY WORRIED by that picture with your pen top up your nose! When I filmed that scene, the pen top was CUT IN HALF so it would fit. Please take it out! You'll have a nasty accident!

Black Books was great fun too. Please don't copy Fran. I can't bear the thought of you smoking, drinking and swearing...

Lots of love, Tamsin Greig."

How fab is that??? I'm way more excited by it than is proper for a 32 year old ;o)


Blogger Em said...

How cool is that!! I don't even watch telly and I'm strangly excited by it too! She is one very funny lady though.

7:04 AM  

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