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Sunday, July 23, 2006

More swimming badges! :o)))

At Romy's swimming lesson on Friday night Theresa and I were having a good old chinwag when we realised that both Romy and Abigail's class were doing length after length of the pool. Normally they do a couple of lengths and then lots of jumping in and 'rescuing' bricks etc. Anyway, they both came out beaming from ear to ear. Abigail had got her Dolphin 3 badge and Romy had got her 50 and 75 metre badges :o))) I was really proud of Roo as she's very good at all the jumping in/holding her breath under water stuff but she's not really into the swimming long distances stuff. She really proved to herself that she can do it when she tries!

After a bath and hair wash we headed out to the 'Picnic in the Park' event at Normanby Park. Unfortunately though the road was closed and they were filled to capacity and weren't letting any more people in. Roo was disappointed but we took our picnic home and had it there instead.

On Saturday morning we got up unfeasably early and dragged our sorry arses to a car boot sale up the road. Hilariously in half an hour's mad scramble we managed to get enough stuff to sell. That was without even looking properly! Just shows you how much crap is lying around our house :o( We only managed to make about £25 but that bought us some food to carry us through until Colin gets paid on Tuesday. We need to have a proper BIG sort out and go off to a much bigger car boot to make some proper money. We only managed to get the £25 because Colin let some of his (boxed) Myth and Magic ornaments go for pittance (six for £18.) Without them it wouldn't have been worth getting out of bed!

Ooh, and then came the lovely, lovely rain! Now I'm no big fan of rain per se, but after so many days of scorching heat I could've kissed it ;o) We went out to town in it and it was lovely. Took Romy to the library and she signed up for the Reading Mission. The first book she chose was this one.
We also got three others from the set to read and also a new Indie Kidd one Roo saw on the New Books shelf.

When we came home, We read some of the books and also some baby development ones I'd got for Roo and then she played out in the rain (after the thunder had stopped!) until around 10pm :o)

Today we've been round at my Mum's for lunch. Bless her, she bought me a big fan! I've been so hot (and complainy!!!) People will be much happier to be around me now that I can be cool. Thanks Mum :o) My sis also bought me a bottle of PJ dragonfruit smoothie. Gosh I am being spoiled!

Off to have a quick bath now before Colin goes out, then it's Girl's Night In. Yay, we have chocolate and books!

Oh yes, and I've updated my preggie bloggie.


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