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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Once more to the Land of Oz...

On Monday night our friend Denise very kindly took Romy to see a production of The Wizard of Oz at Lincoln Castle. It was a wonderful belated birthday present and Roo had an absulute ball. She hasn't stopped talking about it (or removed her Dorothy dress) since ;o)

We met Denise and Katie outside the castle at 6.30pm and had a chat before they went in. Colin, Tilly and I then went off whilst they went in for their pre-show picnic. We went for a lovely walk around the cathedral and the city centre and went to Pizza Hut for a vegan pizza. The show finished at 10pm so we went back to wait outside at around 9.30. The castle and cathedral looked absolutely stunning lit up by floodlights. Denise has kindly sent me some photos of the evening.

Katie and Romy having their picture taken with the cast (note the real Toto!)

Pre-show munching of pink wafers :o)

Saying goodbye.
Romy was most chuffed that the 'lion' mentioned how nice her Dorothy dress was. The ruby slippers I'd made with glitter glue for her birthday had finally given up the ghost so Colin secretly nipped into town at lunchtime on Monday from work and found some nice sequiny red slip-on ones for £5. They're just right and Roo was so happy when she saw them. She thought she'd have to go in tatty 'falling to pieces' ones, lol.

Yesterday we went to the park with Theresa, Abigail and Thomas. Roo and Abi had a fab play even though it was boiling hot. Theresa had a time of it chasing after Thomas. He's not even two yet but he was up the climbing frame like a whippet and at one point ran out of the park waving 'bye'. Rofl. I sat on the bench laughing until Theresa wiped the smile off my face by saying that that will be me soon :-O When we all got too hot we went back to their house for a bit.

At TKD last night Romy earnt her first two tips on her belt. You don't get them automatically every month like at the last place. You have to earn them. There are five different coloured ones. Romy got her fitness one and her sparring/self-defence one. It's way too hot for me there at the moment so Colin has taken her tonight. She'll be back soon and then he can go back for his lesson.

This afternoon Emily has been round to play. They sat in the garden for ages making poisonous potions for princesses to drink (?!) Oh, and let's just say Romy has a lot of tidying up to do in her bedroom again ;o) While they were playing I had a bit of a self-indulgent and premature look at pushchairs and such like on the internet.

Found this linked to over at Kris's blog: 33 things your kid should do before they're ten. I've put a star next to the ones Roo has already done. We'll make a point of doing the others this summer I think!

1. Roll on your side down a grassy bank*

2. Make a mud pie

3. Make your own modelling dough mixture

4. Collect frogspawn* (Well, if tadpoles count!)

5. Make perfume from flower petals

6. Grow cress on a windowsill*

7. Make a papier mâché mask

8. Build a sandcastle*

9. Climb a tree*

10. Make a den in the garden

11. Make a painting using your hands and feet*

12. Organise your own teddy bears' picnic*

13. Have your face painted*

14. Play with a friend in the sand*

15. Make some bread*

16. Make snow angels*

17. Create a clay sculpture*

18. Take part in a scavenger hunt*

19. Camp out in the garden

20. Bake a cake*

21. Feed a farm animal*

22. Pick some strawberries*

23. Play pooh sticks*

24. Recognise five different bird species*

25. Find some worms*

26. Ride a bike through a muddy puddle

27. Make and fly a kite

28. Plant a tree*

29. Build a nest out of grass and twigs

30. Find ten different leaves in the park*

31. Grow vegetables*

32. Make breakfast in bed for your parents*

33. Make a mini assault course in your garden/the park


Blogger Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

Like the list of things to do before you reach 10. Better get this sorted for K before January. Elle at EFT

3:11 PM  
Blogger lucy said...

Love the list of things - mine are both past 10 and have done most but not all. May have to make up for lost time here :)

2:38 AM  

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