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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Stuffy classroom or comfy chair in the garden....

...You decide, lol. Here's Roo doing her work today in the garden. Our neighbour popped her head over the fence to say hello on her way out and said "Ooh, what a lovely way to do your school work. " :o) Oh and ignore the chocolate soya yoghurt all over her face!

Mostly Roo's been doing a set of worksheets about the butterfly garden. Some of it is way too easy for her but she's enjoying doing it. Talking of the caterpillars; they've grown sooo huge and as I type this they're starting to hang upside down ready to turn into chrysalides. (There you go, you learn something new every day. I thought the plural of chrysalis was chrysalises!) Here's a pic of Roo with one on her finger a few days ago before they got so big:

And one I've just taken (not very clear, sorry) of them hanging upside down. I can hear you all yawning from here ;op

Other news: Roo came home with her Brownie promise to learn for next week. She has to say it on her own, eek! Meanwhile I went out and parted with an extortionate £6.99 for a sodding Brownie sash to sew all her badges on. I've turned into my Mum because I just kept saying to Romy "You could make that for nothing" rofl.

Books - we've finished every Worst Witch book inexistencee and have started reading Milly Molly Mandy from the library now. It's lovely and gentle and old fashioned. Roo has a bit of a soft spot for books like that :o) In a complete paradox Colin has started reading her The Hobbit too. Well no-one can say Roo's tastes aren'teclecticc!

Tonight Romy was the only student in her class at Taekwondo, so she got some one-to-one tuition with a lovely new teacher. He was fantastic! Romy went all squishy and was putty in his hands, lol. He had her in fits of giggles throughout the whole lesson. He's going to be teaching all next week too, so that'll be good. Oh and Roo has also been picked for the demo team for a display in Barton at the end of the month.

Yesterday Roo went to play at Emily's house. She got bitten by a red ant, which I have to say I've never seen before. They had a grand time playing in the pool and selling strawberries and peas (!)

This afternoon we tried to get to grips with an art package called Dazzle that Emily lent us. I'm not quite sure of how it all works, but we had a great time messing about with it anyway. Roo has also done some more work on her Egyptian project with more on the mummification process.

I had a great idea from someone I know recently: a gratitude journal. Romy and I have made one each and every day we're writing one or more things in it that we're thankful for. Ifiguredd it'd be a way to stay positive even when things are going badly (not that they are atm.) Also we can look back on it and see all the wonderful things that have happened instead of just remembering the bad stuff. One of the daft things I was thankful for today is Tilly making us laugh running around the garden with Romy's hula hoop in her mouth. Sorry for the blurriness.


Blogger Liza said...

love the pic of working in the garden :)
gosh the caterpillars are growing quick, cant wait to get ours!

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