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Friday, July 21, 2006

Summer holidays - Yay!!!!

Today we're 'breaking up' for the summer holidays. Not a moment too soon really, as we've kinda run out of steam over the past week or so. I think we both need a few weeks off to re-group ourselves and get stuff sorted for a new start in September. I've got mountains of work to sift through before then, but for the moment it's going to go in the spare room to clear the dining table (and my head) for a while at least! We've decided that we'll carry on with the mental maths book until it's finished, read lots of books and finish the illustrators project over the summer. Sounds like enough to be getting on with to stop our brains going mushy. Other than that we'll play, listen to music, go out with friends, etc.

This week we found an old chemistry set of my Sister's. We did the first experiment about soluble and insoluble matter. There were lots of lovely test tubes of interesting coloured chemicals, so we tried most of them and also a few household items such as salt, sugar and vegetable oil. Roo had no trouble predicting which would dissolve and which wouldn't. She then wrote the results in a table.

Later on I found Romy doing the last of her butterfly work in Tilly's bed! She'd taken her manky bedding out and put a blanket in. As you can see from the picture Tilly wasn't going to miss out, so got right in there with her, rofl:

Human biology next; we've been looking at lots of websites about baby development in the womb. Romy's found it utterly fascinating. She keeps asking me how big the baby is now "er, still the size of an apple pip" lol. We've also read through a human body book for kids and learnt about all the systems of the body.

We found a "First 1000 Words in French" book and had loads of fun looking through it and comparing the French words with the English ones. More often that not, as Romy noted, the word is either the same or comes froom a word that's similar.

We've been reading an awful lot this week too. Roo found the sequel to Oz that I got her from eBay for her birthday so we've been reading that. It's a bit odd, but then so was the original! Romy is loving it anyway :o) She certainly hasn't lost her obsession with Oz yet! I read her "Utterly Me: Clarice Bean" by Lauren Child too. We've had it for a couple of years but when I tried to read it to her then she wasn't interested. I've been itching to read it ever since as I LOVE Lauren Child books. Anyway, Roo absolutely loved it with a passion and we have to get the next one from the library which is this.

In other work, Roo has been doing lots of spelling, mental arithematic, logic problems and these mosaic and Hanje puzzles of mine. She's also updated her blog.

On Tuesday Roo went round to Emily's for the afternoon to play in her paddling pool. Then on Thursday she went with Emily to her Drama club end-of-term party. She had a lovely time and they played lots of games and had fun.

Oh, I got a nice surprise in the post too: my Aromatherapy diploma certificate :o) And that's not all! I actually got an A!!!!!!!!!! Am so pleased with meself, lol.


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