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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Noah, where are you?

For it surely must have rained for 40 days and 40 nights. We may be in need of his ark building skills soon. It's 9.10am in August (just) and it's flippin' pitch black! What a complete washout August has been :o(

Anyway, we've had quite a nice couple of days pottering around. On Tuesday Colin had an extra day off so we went to his TKD lesson in the morning. He needed to go to get his last tip before his graduation on Saturday. When we got home we piled a load of junk in the car and Colin took it off to a charity shop. That felt good I tell you. Can't be arsed with car boots anymore. We never seem to make any money, so it's all off to charidee. In the afternoon we went to what was supposed to be our friend's little boy's 2nd birthday party. Unfortunately the wrong date had been written on the invitation and it was actually the day before. Doh! Never mind, we went in for a chat and to give him his pressies. At home we tidied up, read books and played perfume shops while Colin was out teaching first aid.

Yesterday morning the midwife came round. Debs is my first midwife and the one I saw last time, Chris, is my second one. They're both lovely. Debs and her student ended up staying for over an hour chatting and stuff. It was great. Details will follow on Sunday on the pregnancy blog.

After she'd gone there was just time for a quick bite to eat before Nikki and Emily came round to take Roo to the park. I spent the afternoon wasting time on here playing games and listening to music. I also got a lovely phone call from a friend with some brilliant news that put me on cloud nine for the rest of the day.

Today I feel like hibernating because of the weather, but we'll see. It depends whether Theresa's still going to the play scheme thing and we fancy getting drenched...

Monday, August 28, 2006

Good day good knight!

This morning we went to Gainsborough Old Hall to their Medieval day. Romy was really chuffed when she got to help out with the falconry display :o)
Here she is trying on various bits of costumes:

Colin and Roo then spent a while watching an archery display while I went and sat in the car listening to music (I was sooo tired!) The day has certainly rekindled Romy's Medieval obsession anyway. She's currently playing Knights and Princesses, lol. On the way home Colin called into The Fabric Warehouse and bought some fabric and has just sewn Roo a Knight's tabard and a princess cloak!! He's missed his vocation there - Industrial Chemist, nah! Seamstress ;o)
This afternoon we went to Normanby park to their so-called 'Children's Day' Yeah, right! There was a soaking wet assault course and a craft fair with about three or four stalls. Not to mention the torrential rain that ensured it was a complete wash-out. Just as we got back into the car it began to hail and they were as big as peas!!! Glad we were under cover, lol.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

It's party time!!!

Wow! What a party Romy has been to today. It was her friend Bethany's 11th birthday and she definitely celebrated in style... The party had a Chinese theme so Romy wore her Mulan dressing-up costume and I was rather chuffed that I managed this hairstyle complete with chopsticks:
We arrived a bit too early as we'd given ourselves plenty of time to find the village. Makes a change from being late I suppose, lol. After being shown into the most gorgeous house ever (converted chapel) Romy gave Bethany her present; a basket of Body Shop goodies which she seemed pleased with. When all the other girls had arrived there was time for a quick photo opportunity before an hour's play:
Then at four o'clock THIS arrived outside!!
The girls were ushered in and given "champagne" by the chauffeur before being driven off down the road, horn honking all the way.
Colin and Bethany's Dad took the dogs off for a walk whilst we ladies had a good old natter. The girls came back an hour later on cloud nine (heralded by yet more horn honking!) Apparently they had waved at many open-mouthed pedestrians on their outing :o) Romy was so excited.
Time for a bit more playing whilst Dad went off to get Chinese food for a party feast. As a vegan Romy was very well catered for with chips, noodles, beansprouts and rice. All the girls had a go with their chopsticks. Colin and I even got some food which was unexpected but very appreciated :o) After games of Twister, X-factor and Big Brother impressions(!) it was time to light the candles. Romy munched on one of her vegan chocolate bars from her party bag while the others had their cake. Once the cake was demolished three of the girls went home and Roo, Bethany and her cousin went out to play on the trampoline where Roo was taught to do cartwheels by the two older girls ;o) We finally had to tear her away to come home after we'd been there for almost five hours!!! That was only on the promise that we could come back to play soon.

We've a busy week planned (well, for Roo anyway - so what's new?!) Tomorrow it's Medieval day at Gainsborough Old Hall, the next day we have a little boy's birthday party. Romy is off to play at Emily's house on Wednesday, play scheme with Abi on Thursday and football on Friday with Emily. Phew!!! So why is my side of the calendar always blank? Me want a life too. S'not fair :o(

Saturday, August 26, 2006

A mixed day.

Woke up to a nasty surprise this morning: Romy's beloved scooter had been stolen from the back garden :o(((( She was so upset, the poor thing. It didn't cost much and my Mum has said she'll buy her another one but that's not the point. I think she was just so shocked that someone would come in through the gate and pinch it. We have our suspicions that it's those kids from down the road so Colin has made some flyers and put them through doors down that end hoping to make someone feel guilty. The sods, grrrr.... He's outside putting a lockable bolt on the gate now.

The rest of the day has passed in a much more pleasant way. We went to Colin's Taekwondo class and he did some excellent board breaking. Romy played with the owner's son and I listened to my ipod :o) We then went into town and I got some lovely compliments from some people I haven't seen for ages (see pregnancy blog.) Romy reviewed her fifth book for the reading mission at the library and was chuffed to receive a secret pen. I'm off to test out my new bath pillow now ;o) Romy is cleaning her shells that she found during fieldwalking yesterday. They're pre-historic apparently, from when the field was underwater. She has a really exciting day tomorrow...

Friday, August 25, 2006

Snakes alive!

We've just come back from our friend Ursula's house. It was her youngest's birthday. Romy was besotted with one of their pet snakes, lol. She was quite fearless with it. Here's a pic, but it's not very good because it was taken with my mobile. There was a point where she was face to face with it which would have made a lovely picture but unfortunately didn't get the camera on in time :o(

We've all had a lovely day today. Roo and Colin went fieldwalking for archaeology and I spent the day at home listening to loud music and chatting on MSN :o))) Here are some photos of Roo at work in the field:

They were shattered when they got home. They'd been out from 7.30am till 3 o'clock. Colin pegged out on the settee and Roo watched her programmes for a bit and then it was time for her swimming lesson. After playing with Ursula's kids tonight too, she should sleep well tonight!

Yesterday we went to the summer playscheme thing again that we attended last week with Theresa and Abigail. Roo and Abi had a great time and Theresa and I had a good old Gossip. I love nattering to her. She knows just how I think and we always end up in hysterics. Love her to bits :o)

Roo and Colin have been playing lots more chess. She's really getting good now. We've read loads more books and generally had a good time playing and watching Black Books. Roo loves it!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Check mate!

It's a good job Colin and I are good at different things. I've taught Romy to read and write but she hadn't a hope in hell when she asked me to teach her chess after finding chess pieces in a compendium of games. Colin was asleep at the time so we played draughts instead. I beat her easily the first time but by the second go we had to call it stalemate when we both had two kinged pieces on the board chasing each other around, lol. Anyway, the next night Colin set about teaching her the rules of chess (which I'm ashamed to say I still don't get!) Daddy won by a whisker, but he'd better watch out for the re-match!

I've been showing Roo how to do logic puzzles too, so she's really been stretching that part of her brain which is great because naturally I think she's more artsy like me. We bought Uno yesterday and played that too, although I was mad to find that it's just the same as the game 'pick two up' that we play with a normal pack of cards. Waste of money that then!

My brother came back from an oil rig in the middle of nowhere at the weekend, so we went over to my Mum's to see him as he was visiting. Romy was all over him like a rash, lol. She's missed him, not having seen him for a couple of months. He's really great at that rough and tumble play that kids love :o)

Last night we got a lovely Indian take-away and Romy pretended we were at a restaurant. She served us 'wine' (7 up) and even gave us a chocolate with our bill, bless her.

Ooh, the other day we went to Brigg and saw a woman pull up in a car with a pheasant hanging off the front grill :o((( It's head was stuck and thankfully it was dead, but Roo was horrified. Colin went over to tell the woman and she said "Oh I thought there was, but I'm late for a wedding." She then proceeded to get out of the car to get a car parking ticket and got back in without even glancing at the poor thing!!! She was obviously one of those hardy country types who don't think it's a big deal. Hope she didn't turn up to the wedding with her car like that though!

Beginning to rouse myself from my summer holiday home ed slumber and think about stuff to start in September. I have a few ideas but I need to have a chat with Roo to see what she wants to do next.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Just pottering about...

Well, over the past few days we've done nothing much worth blogging ("so what's new?" I hear you cry! "That doesn't normally stop you from assaulting our eyes and ears with the banal details of your life." LOL.) Romy has been playing with friends, we've been reading loads, done a book review for EO, played many many board games and hundreds of games of dominoes, been to a play scheme thing yesterday with friends that was free, visited relatives, been to Taekwondo and Roo has written an illustrated a booklet. Roo and I have spent an enjoyable few hours rediscovering her Neopets account which has laid dormant for a while. We spent lots of neopoints on doing up a couple of rooms in her neohome. Have a look on floor 1. We did the jelly disco room and the chillout beanbag room. Lovely waste of time that ;o) Oh yes and Mac has been to the vet's to be neutered, as detailed in Romy's blog. He was being mighty aggressive, so I'm afraid the testicles had to go, lol. At the moment peace reigns over Piggy Towers once again :o)

Roo is now at the Scunthorpe United Football Club summer scheme thing with Emily, so I'd better get off the PC and get some work done; pots to wash, filthy Taekwondo uniforms to wash, etc, etc...

Friday, August 11, 2006

The Post of Many Photographs.

We've been up to allsorts recently. Romy has made some lovely Oz characters from Hama beads. We couldn't find patterns anywhere so she modified other ones to make Dorothy, the Lion, the Tin Man, Toto and a rainbow. Will take a photo of them all when she gets round to the Scarecrow. In other crafts, Roo has discovered the delights of flour and water paste by doing lots of papier mache. She's also been making hideous concoctions in the kitchen involving such delectations as flour, tomato sauce, miso paste, vecon, brown sauce, marmite, sugar, etc. Hmmmm.... can feel the nausea rising as I type, lol. I had to ask her to remove it from the house, so it's currently sitting in the driveway waiting for some brave soul (Colin!) to wash the bowl out ;o)

Roo has been watching Bamzooki and Raven on BBC1 for the past few days. She's really got into them. We need to go to the Bamzooki site and make a Zook (Weird robot thing!)

We've been reading lots (as usual!) And Roo has been playing with her friends. She went to Emily's house on Tuesday and came back with tales of potions (which are being kept in the freezer for next time apparently!) and spiders (not being kept in the freezer I assume.) On Wednesday we went to the park with Abigail, Thomas and Theresa. After the kids had worn themselves out we went back to their house for a while.

Yesterday Romy had an open session at Taekwondo. She took Abigail along to join in the fun and games. Here's Roo just about to avoid being whacked with a sponge thingamebob:

And Abigail blocking:
Around the assault course they go:
Locked in mortal combat with their "swords" and "shields".
After we dropped Abi home we had a mad dash to Wragby to pick Christine and Joseph up to take them to Chamber's Farm Wood. We were really late - sorry Christine :o( We were having a home ed group nature walk with the park ranger. It was really good fun even though the ranger was a bit of a bossy old school ma'am type ;o) She clearly wasn't used to free thinking kiddywinks. At one point we parents even got told off, rofl. Romy, her new twin friends P&D, and Joseph ran off in front. It didn't bother us in the slightest but the ranger shouted "Who's are those children?" "Come back and attach yourselves to your parents!" We were in stitches!! Anyway, apart from that and me sitting on a red ants nest and being bitten it was really enjoyable. Roo had a great time playing with Joseph, Katie, P&D, and another girl M. Here they are before we set off (with their bug viewers and identification sheets.)
Pond dipping.
Identifying leeches and other such lovelies.
Enjoying a picnic afterwards.
Yesterday was Tilly's second birthday. Romy bought her a little present and made her a lovely card. The piggies got an even better present though. Our friends donated their old rabbit run to us and it's massive!! The pigs thought al their birthdays had come at once when we plonked them out in the garden for half an hour. There's no grass to speak of, but what we do have in abundance is dandelions. Yum! Thanks Gail and Mark :o)

A muddle of guinea pigs:
Romy has just gone out with Emily and her Dad to that Scunthorpe United football thingy again. Typically we were still fighting with her shin pads, socks and boots when they arrived. We're never ready for anything on time. Doesn't bode well for when we have a new baby to get ready too ;o)

Monday, August 07, 2006

Dog agility photographs.

Weaving in and out of water bottles.
Through the tunnel.

Roo has just updated her guinea pig blog.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Striking while the iron's hot. (Pun intended!)

Haven't had any photographs for a while so here are some (courtesy of Nikki) from a trip to Anwick forge last week:

Leather apron and goggles are so this season!
Last munite adjustments :o)
Get in there girl!!
"Was that ok?"

Some more pics from a football training session that Roo went to with Emily on Friday. She had a great time and is eager to go again this Friday.

Some other stuff we've been up to this week:
-Tidied up like mad idiots ready for the midwife's visit on Tuesday.
-Had friends round on Tuesday afternoon who had to scarper when said midwife appeared. See Mad Mamma's for deatails.
-Read lots and lots of books and Roo took her library books back for the reading mission thing.
-Had a good play on this cool Clarice Bean site.
-Started crocheting a baby blanket.
-Roo finally got her swimming certificates. Unfortunately they still don't have any flippin' 75m badges in!

Yesterday we went to Christine's annual Home Ed garden party and it was fantastic. We've been every year since it started (Roo was three then) but this one was the best ever. Even though I knew hardly anyone there it was lovely as we got talking to lots of new people and made some new friends. Roo had a fabulous time playing with no end of kids. One girl invited her to her 11th birthday in which she's going to have a pink stretch limo (blimey!) It's going to be in a Chinese restraunt and Roo has to wear her Mulan costume, lol. Roo then got totally carried away inviting people to her next birthday, which isn't for nine months, rofl!!!! When those girls had gone home she played with a lovely pair of twins and I got talking to their Mum (who subsequently had another girl and then another set of twins!!!!) She was really friendly and easy to talk to and has invited us over sometime. There was much scribbling of addresses and promises of emails between various adults and children (Roo has already received an email from the 'party' girl this morning!) Anyway, a big thank you to Christine who, as usual put so much work into it and made loads of delicious vegan food. We stayed for seven hours so it must have been good :o)

Colin has taken Roo and Tilly off to a dog show (don't envy him as I bet Tilly will be showing him up barking like mad at the other dogs, lol.) When they come back we'll probably go and see my Mum.