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Monday, August 21, 2006

Check mate!

It's a good job Colin and I are good at different things. I've taught Romy to read and write but she hadn't a hope in hell when she asked me to teach her chess after finding chess pieces in a compendium of games. Colin was asleep at the time so we played draughts instead. I beat her easily the first time but by the second go we had to call it stalemate when we both had two kinged pieces on the board chasing each other around, lol. Anyway, the next night Colin set about teaching her the rules of chess (which I'm ashamed to say I still don't get!) Daddy won by a whisker, but he'd better watch out for the re-match!

I've been showing Roo how to do logic puzzles too, so she's really been stretching that part of her brain which is great because naturally I think she's more artsy like me. We bought Uno yesterday and played that too, although I was mad to find that it's just the same as the game 'pick two up' that we play with a normal pack of cards. Waste of money that then!

My brother came back from an oil rig in the middle of nowhere at the weekend, so we went over to my Mum's to see him as he was visiting. Romy was all over him like a rash, lol. She's missed him, not having seen him for a couple of months. He's really great at that rough and tumble play that kids love :o)

Last night we got a lovely Indian take-away and Romy pretended we were at a restaurant. She served us 'wine' (7 up) and even gave us a chocolate with our bill, bless her.

Ooh, the other day we went to Brigg and saw a woman pull up in a car with a pheasant hanging off the front grill :o((( It's head was stuck and thankfully it was dead, but Roo was horrified. Colin went over to tell the woman and she said "Oh I thought there was, but I'm late for a wedding." She then proceeded to get out of the car to get a car parking ticket and got back in without even glancing at the poor thing!!! She was obviously one of those hardy country types who don't think it's a big deal. Hope she didn't turn up to the wedding with her car like that though!

Beginning to rouse myself from my summer holiday home ed slumber and think about stuff to start in September. I have a few ideas but I need to have a chat with Roo to see what she wants to do next.


Blogger Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

Love the bit about the pheasant - made me laugh! My ds, B, just turned 7, loves playing chess with me or hubby. He's also just got into Scrabble and is pretty good at that too! Elle at EFT

3:01 PM  

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