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Monday, August 28, 2006

Good day good knight!

This morning we went to Gainsborough Old Hall to their Medieval day. Romy was really chuffed when she got to help out with the falconry display :o)
Here she is trying on various bits of costumes:

Colin and Roo then spent a while watching an archery display while I went and sat in the car listening to music (I was sooo tired!) The day has certainly rekindled Romy's Medieval obsession anyway. She's currently playing Knights and Princesses, lol. On the way home Colin called into The Fabric Warehouse and bought some fabric and has just sewn Roo a Knight's tabard and a princess cloak!! He's missed his vocation there - Industrial Chemist, nah! Seamstress ;o)
This afternoon we went to Normanby park to their so-called 'Children's Day' Yeah, right! There was a soaking wet assault course and a craft fair with about three or four stalls. Not to mention the torrential rain that ensured it was a complete wash-out. Just as we got back into the car it began to hail and they were as big as peas!!! Glad we were under cover, lol.


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