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Sunday, August 27, 2006

It's party time!!!

Wow! What a party Romy has been to today. It was her friend Bethany's 11th birthday and she definitely celebrated in style... The party had a Chinese theme so Romy wore her Mulan dressing-up costume and I was rather chuffed that I managed this hairstyle complete with chopsticks:
We arrived a bit too early as we'd given ourselves plenty of time to find the village. Makes a change from being late I suppose, lol. After being shown into the most gorgeous house ever (converted chapel) Romy gave Bethany her present; a basket of Body Shop goodies which she seemed pleased with. When all the other girls had arrived there was time for a quick photo opportunity before an hour's play:
Then at four o'clock THIS arrived outside!!
The girls were ushered in and given "champagne" by the chauffeur before being driven off down the road, horn honking all the way.
Colin and Bethany's Dad took the dogs off for a walk whilst we ladies had a good old natter. The girls came back an hour later on cloud nine (heralded by yet more horn honking!) Apparently they had waved at many open-mouthed pedestrians on their outing :o) Romy was so excited.
Time for a bit more playing whilst Dad went off to get Chinese food for a party feast. As a vegan Romy was very well catered for with chips, noodles, beansprouts and rice. All the girls had a go with their chopsticks. Colin and I even got some food which was unexpected but very appreciated :o) After games of Twister, X-factor and Big Brother impressions(!) it was time to light the candles. Romy munched on one of her vegan chocolate bars from her party bag while the others had their cake. Once the cake was demolished three of the girls went home and Roo, Bethany and her cousin went out to play on the trampoline where Roo was taught to do cartwheels by the two older girls ;o) We finally had to tear her away to come home after we'd been there for almost five hours!!! That was only on the promise that we could come back to play soon.

We've a busy week planned (well, for Roo anyway - so what's new?!) Tomorrow it's Medieval day at Gainsborough Old Hall, the next day we have a little boy's birthday party. Romy is off to play at Emily's house on Wednesday, play scheme with Abi on Thursday and football on Friday with Emily. Phew!!! So why is my side of the calendar always blank? Me want a life too. S'not fair :o(


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