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Friday, August 18, 2006

Just pottering about...

Well, over the past few days we've done nothing much worth blogging ("so what's new?" I hear you cry! "That doesn't normally stop you from assaulting our eyes and ears with the banal details of your life." LOL.) Romy has been playing with friends, we've been reading loads, done a book review for EO, played many many board games and hundreds of games of dominoes, been to a play scheme thing yesterday with friends that was free, visited relatives, been to Taekwondo and Roo has written an illustrated a booklet. Roo and I have spent an enjoyable few hours rediscovering her Neopets account which has laid dormant for a while. We spent lots of neopoints on doing up a couple of rooms in her neohome. Have a look on floor 1. We did the jelly disco room and the chillout beanbag room. Lovely waste of time that ;o) Oh yes and Mac has been to the vet's to be neutered, as detailed in Romy's blog. He was being mighty aggressive, so I'm afraid the testicles had to go, lol. At the moment peace reigns over Piggy Towers once again :o)

Roo is now at the Scunthorpe United Football Club summer scheme thing with Emily, so I'd better get off the PC and get some work done; pots to wash, filthy Taekwondo uniforms to wash, etc, etc...


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