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Saturday, August 26, 2006

A mixed day.

Woke up to a nasty surprise this morning: Romy's beloved scooter had been stolen from the back garden :o(((( She was so upset, the poor thing. It didn't cost much and my Mum has said she'll buy her another one but that's not the point. I think she was just so shocked that someone would come in through the gate and pinch it. We have our suspicions that it's those kids from down the road so Colin has made some flyers and put them through doors down that end hoping to make someone feel guilty. The sods, grrrr.... He's outside putting a lockable bolt on the gate now.

The rest of the day has passed in a much more pleasant way. We went to Colin's Taekwondo class and he did some excellent board breaking. Romy played with the owner's son and I listened to my ipod :o) We then went into town and I got some lovely compliments from some people I haven't seen for ages (see pregnancy blog.) Romy reviewed her fifth book for the reading mission at the library and was chuffed to receive a secret pen. I'm off to test out my new bath pillow now ;o) Romy is cleaning her shells that she found during fieldwalking yesterday. They're pre-historic apparently, from when the field was underwater. She has a really exciting day tomorrow...


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